05 October 2012

Epic Mail Day (Volume II) Part A: Robbie Alomar


Today, a day in which I took off of work (cough, cough, sneeze) and sat around with my Pug, Sebastian all day, was also a mail day.

I knew, via the magic of internet tracking, that one package in particular would be here. It was an eBay steal (sort of), and won't be mentioned until another EMD post for my Baby Jays.


Twenty-five other new personal collection cards came, only two days after shipping, from Check Out My Cards today. Twenty-five.

I'm used to about 1-5 packages a week, either trades or ebay auctions. Usually one card in an envelope.

Thus, when I saw the COMC package in my mailbox, along with the other, expected package, I could literally hardly breathe. I was so pumped to get the cards in this package, a blog post was necessary. As with all upcoming COMC purchase posts, I'll list the prices I get the cards for, so you can be envious of my dealz.

So, without further Apu, here's Part A: Roberto Alomar.

1994 Topps Finest

It's just a base card, non-refractor, but still awesome. The scan doesn't do it much justice. You get an idea of the brightness, but nothing is like holding a '93 or '94 Topps Finest in your hands. $.45

1994 SP HoloView FX

I saw this on ebay for something in the rediculous range of $15-$20. To date, I think the most I have ever paid for a single card was this, as ~$13. This one, which has a handsome matching brother in Carlos Delgado, set me back $3.

1994 Leaf Slideshow

Eventually, I am going to make a post of cards in which scans cannot possibly represent their awesomeness. This is one of those cards. 1994 Leaf was an incredible set, both in the base cards, inserts, and even some Frank Thomas autographs. The slideshow insert was truly unique, and nothing has really come close since. Upper Deck tried and failed, and so did Pacific (Invincible). Not even close. $.58. 


I miss the 90's.

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