21 October 2012

Collectorsfest 61 in Syracuse = Goodies

Well, I won't go all in an review this as a card show as a whole. There was virtually no one there. Sixty-seven vendors with 179 tables - dominantly modern baseball and football cards, some hockey. There was also a fair amount of vintage, but I hardly know my way around them. I was surprised at the amount of 70's-era Topps going for about $.75 in reasonable condition.

But I have an issue with rummaging through the cheapo bins. There's just so many. The show went from 10-4 or something, but I had a 4-month old pup to get home to. So I set myself a $40 budget ($4 for admission) with eyes on 2012 A&G completion, JP Arencibia, cheapo relics and autographs, some trade bait, and a box of 1987 Topps.

I found a box of '87 almost immediately, $10. I didn't want to lug it around for three hours, so I moved on. Of course, by 12:45, it was gone. So it goes.

So here's what I did manage to get, all well under my $40 budget:

Personal collection adds:

A nice little Pudge bat (as a Nat!) from '11 Allen & Ginter's

A silky Aaron Hill. I didn't want to too much, 
but the guy was excited about selling it. Whatevs - it was in a 4/$10.

An early Strasmus present. $1 - couldn't resist the old-Bowman's Best design.

Jose Theodore auto from Pinnacle Zenith. 
It was a Wild auto in a 2/$5. Why not?

Also from the 2/$5, Robby Alomar Diamonbacks-style
bat card. Relics of Robby hardly exist in Blue Jay's uniforms,
so I have to settle on cards of him in New York/Baltimore/Cleveland and Arizona. 
Some White Sox exist, too.

Prospects and Trade Bait!:

2012 Bowman Chrome Joe Benson auto-refractor. #/500
This was an awesome score. I grabbed this and 2 other trade bait autos for $2.

Jurickson Profar for $1. Won me over pretty easy (purchased with the Strasburg).

Carlos Santana Heritage jersey! If you couldn't tell from the background image,
this blog is a Carlos Santana supporter. (And really,
catchers in general.)

Major score:

Bowman Platinum
Mike Olt GU-Bat/Autograph (Sticker)

This felt like stealing. Mike Olt is a mega-prospect and a front-runner for
2013 AL Rookie of the Year (I am officially calling it.) It was part
of a 4/$10 that also including Pudge and the Silky Hill. 

Most of these are up for trade, save he Strasburg and Pudge. The Olt will take some prying if you're interested...it's a hell of a beautiful card.

I saw one JP Arencibia card at the entire show. One. Brett Lawrie? Two. Other Jays? Yes, one - a 2011 Allen & Ginter's Auto of Jose Bautista. For $60. 

Overall, mixed results. Pretty disorganized. NO signer. Mediocre show, I guess, but we do not get many of them up here...so what do I know.


  1. Nice pickups! The Olt is a nice card! I know someone that can hook you up with a ton of 1987 Topps. Let me know if you are interested.


    Looks like I was there later than you ... and we were at opposite ends of the spectrum. I like the vintage stuff and was certainly rummaging.

    I always find stuff at that show. I love it. I don't get into the autographs or tolerate standing in line. So I always like it when that show doesn't have guests.

    But you're right, it seemed a little more low-key than usual.

  3. Ouch, you missed meeting Night Owl for realsies! Awesome pick-ups. That Olt is going to be one hell of a bargain in a few years, I think.

  4. Yeah. Super happy about the Olt. I bought it from a retired snowbird school teacher that just buys/sells cards and goes to Spring Training games.

    I had a feeling you might make the trip down, Night Owl. Find anything good?