24 September 2012

Epic Mail Day (Volume I)

When I am expecting cards in the mail, I have a tendency to compulsively check order tracking on ebay, Sportlots, COMC, wherever throughout the day.

Today was no different, as after a staff meeting, a small morning job and a dead afternoon, I probably checked my shipping statuses on ebay roughly 25 times.

From what I was reading, one card had been delivered, 2-3 were sitting in Rochester sorting facility purgatory, and a few others had no tracking information.

What I saw when I got back to the house was astounding. We pay our bills online, sometimes get family party invitations and fliers, and thus rarely get mail. However tonight, in the light of the early evening, our mailbox was stuffed.

Stuffed to the point that the lid couldn't close...likely due to the box which contained my new (read: old) Washington Redskins belt buckle and a total of five manilla envelopes and packages.

In card blogger-speak, cards.

Now that I've whet your little card-devouring mouths, on the the good stuff: pictures!

2012 Bowman Platinum
Adeiny Hechavarria Autograph

I'm really glad this card scanned in the yellow-pink range. You never know what you're going to get scanning refractors, and this one came out quite unique. Hechavarria will probably never tear the cover off the ball, but I like him. This is my first card of him at all, and a refractor auto to boot. All for ~$5 shipped. A little of an overpay.

2012 Topps Heritage Minor Leagues
Travis D'arnaud Clubhouse Collections
Red "Jersey?" Swatch

This is  another firstie. I've been putting off going hard on D'arnaud for a few reasons. One, JP Arencibia is my favourite active player, and D'arnaud is his direct competition. I'm afraid D'arnaud's emergence will mean the end of days of JPA (who just had a passed ball in Baltimore) in Toronto. Which would be devastating. Also, many of his cards are Phillies. Phillies annoy me. Red pinstripes remind me of the worst uniforms I ever wore while playing, and the gross #14 on my back at the time. However, D'Arnaud is likely going to be a great catcher and batter for the Jays in the future. And it's not a gray or white swatch, but a nice deep red from a New Hampshire Fisher Cats jersey, one of the best jerseys in ALL of the minor leagues (Montgomery Bisquits, you're on notice.) This was a ridiculous steal @ $1.80.

2012 Bowman Chrome
Brandon Morrow 
Red Ice Refractor 20/25

I wanted to pad my morrow collection a bit, and truthfully, nice Morrows are difficult to find. He's super awkward and had beady eyes. But damn, he's a good pitcher. And I wanted a sweet Red Ice Refractor, so back off. $4.

2011 Topps Chrome 
J.P. Arencibia Autograph
Blue Refractor 088/199

What a beauty. JPA's autograph is kind of boring, but recognizable. The Blue in the Jays uni is accepted by the blue border and lovely refractory-ness. Just a glorious card overall, and contribution #2 of 8 to my Magical JP Arencibia Autograph Rainbow Crusade. This was almost offensive how much of a steal it was. Ready? $5.88. SHIPPED.

And now...

For what may possibly be the best relic card.


Wait for it.

Here it is:
2005 Donruss Prime Patches
Ivan Rodriguez Past & Present
Shoe, Glove, Chest Protector, Jersey Patch Relic 008/128

Deep breath. This one came all the way from Pudge-land itself, Puerto Rico. This card leaves me kind of speechless. I mean come on. 

Jersey  patch of Pudge? Awesome.

Fielding glove? Super awesome, couldn't ask for more.


Shoe? Sure, why the hell not at this point.

You cannot really ask for a better relic card. And I probably won't try and top this one. It's the pinnacle of my Pudge collection. Envy it.

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  1. sweet pickups! I've never seen a chest protector relic....they should put out more of 'em!