11 August 2013

Getting Blasted: 2013 Bowman Platinum (1)

So...I bought some Bowman Platinum. Let's rip it.

Pack 1

The pack features a very fast guy likely flying out to a third baseman or swinging aimlessly at a bee flying around the diamond.

The highlight:

Gary Brown, SF Giants Prospect "Chrome" Refractor. 1:4. Refractors has a nice stock and their optical value crushes the overdone Platinum base cards, which would be fine without the holofoil.

The Filler:

Cano, Konerko, Brad Miller. Decent selection, boring photography.

Pack 2

The Highlight:

Completely unneccessary parallel #89644

The Filler:

Decent prospect, great defensive catching prospect and a helluva pitcher. Good pack. Not great.

Pack 3

The Highlight:

The Filler:

Devan Marrero, a surprisingly cool Rob Brantley and a "gold" Alex Rodriguez. Yippee.

Pack 4

All Highlights:

Pack 4 was a good one. Here's Lil' Delino.


My main man Jose Reyes.

A Prospecty Chubb.

And a green Mason Williams. Blech. These are /399 and fall 1:97, so of course it's a Yankee.

Pack 5

The "Highlight":

I had the same face when I pulled this one.

The Filler:

Wow, great base cards here. Jake Marisnick (lest we forget), Yo-'spedes, Joey Votto.

Pack 6

The Highlight:

Sapphire Will Middlebrooks. These look better in the scan. Glad I didn't grab the ones I saw on ebay until seeing one in-hand.

The Filler:

Bubba Starlin(g) Castro, Taylor Guerreri. Starting to see plenty of Bubbas.

Pack 7

The Highlight:

Would have appreciated a better player. So it goes.

The Filler:

Edwin! Allen Webster, Adam Wainwright. I don't hate the filler in this one.

Drum Roll:

Pack 8

The Highlight:

Another gold, but at least Chapman makes up for the Rodriguez.

The Filler:

Jerrrrrrrd Weaver, Nick Williams, Lucas Sims. Meh.

04 August 2013

The Many Faces of Michael Pineda

Oh, hello. Thanks for stopping by today. In lieu of some drawn-out thoughtful post, please enjoy peaceful Michael Pineda slowly transform into a baseball-hurling, possibly flesh-dissolving mad scientist.

My name is Mike. I likea to smile.

But I HATE it when folks change lanes without signaling.

It's just so pppfffffrustrating.

I just want to throw something.

Wait...is ESPN Radio talking about Biogenesis again?