18 October 2012


He had already played a full season by 1987.

I know a lot of people have collected their Topps birth year set. Technically, mine is not 1987 Topps. I was born on what I assume was a typical, cold, slushy, rain/snow mix, windy ass day in December of 1986. 

That year's flagship Topps had already been out for seven months. I still wouldn't know or understand baseball for a couple years (I was an expert by age 6, I swear), but the first Topps set I would see released is 1987.

Which is awesome, because 1987 is awesome. 

Wood paneling.




Probably mauve or something weird.

And some pretty solid rookies.

Barry Larkin.

(Skinny) Barry Bonds.

(Skinny) Mark McGwire.

(Skinny) Rafael Palmeiro.

(Never Skinny) Andres Galarraga.

There are some great Blue Jays and Expos. It was a great time foe baseball logos, which look you in the face on every card.

Overall, it's just great. And 792 cards deep.

But I was wondering - what is the best way to collect a readily available (not so) vintage Topps set?

I am sick of ripping packs of 2012 A&G, only to get three cards towards the set, a mini, and non-baseball players. I want to rip packs of 1987 Topps. If you have any, let me know. I will trade for them.

I also want to buy some boxes, which are incredibly affordable. The boxes are often rack pack, cello or "vendor" boxes, and it seems like rack packs are the best deal. But I like old-fashioned waxies, too. I like the idea of almost all 792 cards in pack-to-binder condition, too. 

Also, it looks like I shouldn't have to spend more than $30-40 on the set (which is worth about $8, according to Beckett's black heart) but that nets me a buttload a cards that I would totally share with all of yous.

Let me know what ya'll think. There are a ton of page views with very few comments. Kinda like being the kid everyone stares at but no one talks to. 

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  1. Love this idea. '87 Topps was some of the first packs I ripped when I started collecting. I'd go with the rack packs. With the waxies you're going to have a ton of stale gum which probably has messed up at least one card in the pack.