27 October 2012

Weekly eBay Steal

 Why ruin this post with too much text? I picked these two beautiful babies off of eBay last weekend for $.99 a piece with a combined shipping bring the par in under $5.
2011 Topps S2 Commemorative Patch
1997 Toronto Blue Jays

2010 Topps Update Commemorative Patch
1993 World Series

...which, y'know....WE WONNED!!!1

I know many of you hate the manufactured patches, and that's fine. I hate the Yankees, but they sure are a hell of a lot more common.

Also, I wrote this whole post using one hand to type, as a pug puppy has fallen asleep on the other.


  1. I'm a big fan of manufactured patches. You never have to worry if they are "game-used" or not. I loved the patches from 2012 and I had not seen the ones from 2010 until now. Great cards!

  2. Good to hear I am not alone.

    And great point on the game-used or not bit. There's no uncertainty here, pure novelty. Which in turn brings the price down.

    Think I could get a World Series related patch of Alomar for $2.50? No way.