13 October 2012

Hey, Nice Rack! (Volume 1)

2012 Topps Update Series

I'm not a huge fan of 2012 Topps. Or, really, Topps Flagship in general. I miss Upper Deck, Donruss (Panini), Studio, Fleer, Fleer Ultra, Pinnacle, etc.

But the void left by these companies must be filled by something, and Topps-Bowman are doing their best (not really) to throw out fresh (read: recycled) products every year.

I do, however, enjoy Topps Update Series. Yes, I can do without those blasted inserts. And three-five card of every player is totally unnecessary.

But I don't care. I love the 1987 minis (but of course, I pulled Chipper, CJ Wilson and MadBum...not scanner worthy) and I wanted me some Harper-Cespedes-Trout-Darvish rookie p0rn.

And some new Blue Jays

And classy powder-blue 2012 All Star Logos.

And I got them. All of them. Sometimes twice on the same card. Except Darvish.

So here they are. I bought 4 rack packs in a total Nationals win celebratory move last night. Enjoy.

Really great looking card. I have been having no trouble pulling Cespedes so far. Let's hope that continues.


Another looker. Energy. Bright red Nationals alternate away jersey. Shit eating grin. Very, very Harper.

(Click the Joeys to embiggen)

It's nice to have a perennial all-star in Toronto that actually deserves it (I'm looking at you, post-2004 Vernon Wells). There's a lot to love about these. The diving grab in the Blue Jays base (with sexy blue glove). The Home Run Derby logo, in Royals Blue & Gold in the All-Star card. Two really great cards that I enjoy quite a bit.


The overall design of the Golden Moments insert is fine for a memorabilia insert, but if you're not going to stick a shred of your neighbor's high school varsity swimming trunks inner-lining, don't bother. Cards with big empty spaces just don't work. But hey! This doubled my Harper collection. Yes. I now have two.

Golden Greats...kind of lame.

But who am I kidding. Take a picture of Junior Griffey hungover after New Year's, laying on his couch in Yankees attire and slap it on a baseball card. Chances are, I still want it. 

I looked briefly at the Blue Jays Update checklist before buying. I knew it wouldn't have many heavy-hitters on it, but it would be my first chance at a Luis Perez (who was F# nails before HIS injury, and who I did manage to pull), but must have skipped over Drew Hutchison. Hutch was super-impressive before he was injured. And then Drabek was injured. And then Luis Perez and eventually Brandon Morrow.  Yeah. Not a good season.

And finally, Yasmani Grandal in shimmery gold. I pulled this, the gold version of the base of the MLB Debut date and the base-base RC logo. Ugh. Too many. Also, the base-base has a sick catcher shot. Which is wayyyy better than this, but significantly less shiny.

And we all love shiny, don't we?

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