22 March 2017

Resurrection (2017-)

It's been a while. The last post published here was executed in 2014. I finished graduate school in May of that year, and moved "home" against my better judgement. I'm still there.

The cards have come in, but new cards in the house are a rarity. This isn't due to a lack of interest, but the time had come to lurk in the background, occasionally hijacking Night Owl and Junk Wax Twins' twitter threads, usually complaining about the Topps exclusivity. This isn't going away, and though I am now resigned to this development, my criticisms will remain.

Right now, I have no direction for this blog, but there will be a resurrection. Do not expect posts every day, or massive mail day posts or big contests. If that's not your style, cool. For those of you who joined post-December 2014, feel free to introduce yourself. From what I can see, there's been plenty of expansion in the community since I left, which is great. It is a great community, and I'm ready to come back.

Stay hard.