13 October 2012

In the Kitchen with J-PA

As you may have noticed by now, my (new) number one player collection is JP Arencibia.

While searching for singles of J-PA on Amazon earlier, this popped out to me in the search box.

I was hoping for JP Arencibia oven mitts. Or possibly and authentic Miami-Cubano cookbook. Maybe even trivets or #9 dish towels. No such luck. Just a tease of what could be.

Anyways, I am going to use J-PA in the Kitchen for all future J-PA personal collection additions.

So without further Apu, here's a massive score on a 12-card, $18ish lot off of ebay I scored last Sunday. Highlight of the week.

Here's a 2011 Bowman Platinum sticker auto/memorabilia (bat, desk, men's room rafter) slice. I have the auto/jersey equivalent as well, but this one features a palindrome serial #.

Ohh, Triple Threads. I am beginning to see what the hype is all about. Low numbering on this red parallel. The 9-block/Jays logo-C cut outs for the memorabilia (bat or clubhouse chair or helmet rack or pallet for carrying baseball boxes) isn't as bad as some of the other monstrosities coming out of 3Threads (Brett Lawrie's "O' Canada!" comes to mind). And the auto is on-card. Also, this card comes with the "9" added to the end of the auto, something I have only seen elsewhere on his 2012 Gypsy Queen (Wanted!) autograph. 

Ever notices the backs of 2011 Bowman Sterling and Bowman Platinum are almost exactly the same? Well they are. I didn't notice until scanning these. Gold Refractor / Refractor / Refractor.

This is a refractor but it doesn't show much in the scan. Also, YAY! I enjoy this card, JPA's Flagship (Chrome) Rookie Refractor. It's obvious at this point that Topps can slap a RC logo on anything they damn want to.

Another refractor that didn't scan as such. If there's another J-PA collector out there, there were two of these (and the '11 Bowman Platinum) that I'd love to give a good home. Also, if this card exists, then a base (non-chrome) might also exist. Gimme gimme gimme. I looooved 2010 Bowman.

Orange refractor! Getting closer to the Magical JP Arencibia Rainbow. These were basically given away free in rack packs of 2011 Chrome, and awkwardly, no Orange refractor autographs exist. 

2012 Finest Refractor. Neat! 

Arguably the "hit" of the lot, which is strange with two dual auto/relics. But this is a 2011 Bowman Chrome Gold border, #/50. I believe it is currently my lowest #ed J-PA, as I do not pursue printing plates and his #/25 Chrome Red Refractor Autographs are a bee sting to acquire.

Oh wait, I have a 2012 Bowman Chrome Red Refractor (not in my possession.) Silly me.

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