17 October 2012

Dear Topps: Try Harder

This. Is. Infuriating.

2012 Topps products are an embarassment to Blue Jays fans. I understand that they were trying to get the new 2012 products out with the new uniforms for the season. That's fine. But jeebus, at least look at the damned uniforms first.

This is a travesty.

Unspeakably awful.

That's not how the letters look. They're too big. They're flat. The Jays logo on the helmet (which is the wrong colour) is cocked. The Blue Jays on the uniform is straight up-and-down, where the uni obviously is not.

But the worst....is the "R" in TORONTO.

It's in Joey's armpit. Seriously. Must've swung pretty hard to dislodge it. Those Majestic unis are built pretty strong.

In case you were wondering, this is what a Blue Jays uniform looks like:


They got the gray background right I guess.

Oh look, there are more Joeys in this set:

A real Blue Jay's uniform. I knew Rogers Communications budget wasn't so tight. Sure it's the lame AngryJay, but at least its not painted on.

Wait a second...
Topps is gonna Topps.

Keep on trollin'.

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