22 October 2012

ebay pickups: Trade Bait and a few PC additions

I've found a seller that I get along with great on ebay: cheap relic and autographed cards from the early '00's with combined shipping. Last week I placed one of my more ambitious ebay orders, totaling seven cards (I'm rather cheap, you see.)

And now, the reason everyone reads card blogs: cards!

2004 SP Legendary Cuts
Significant Swatches Paul Molitor Bat

This is a beauty. I won't be disappointed if no one makes an offer on it. The chuck of wood has a nice shape, and it thick enough that it sticks out of the card a bit. The one annoying bit is that it's a bat card....yet Pauly is taking a throw in the field. If he was wearing a Jays uniform this doesn't go anywhere. But I'm flush with Jays relics right now so this one is up for grabs. [Trade Bait]

2005 Donruss Diamond Kings
BJ Upton Dual Bat Relic #21/50

I Billy Bean'd this card, picking it up solely to trade it. It's low-numbered and I am sure I can find a taker for it here in the blogging kingdom. [Trade Bait]

2004 SP Legendary Cuts
Tony Gwynn Ultimate Swatches

Tony Gwynn is a player I'll pick up when I find a nice bargain, but not one I collect rampantly. He also finds himself as one of my most wanted cards -  a 2000 Skybox Metal Base Shredders - which is proving quite difficult to find at a reasonable price. [Trade Bait]

2010 Bowman Sterling
Jose Tabata Autograph (Sticker)

So, maybe they aren't all from the early 00's.  This Tabata auto was kind of a throw in. I waited an extra two days without paying to get the final card in this post, and with this Tabata ending a few minutes later, I grabbed it for some goodwill towards the seller. [Trade Bait]

2005 SP Legendary Cuts
Joe Carter Significant Swatches (White)

This one was for me, and a steal at $.99. The back of the card claims it is a jersey worn by Carter from a Jays game...but not a particularly significant one. Begs the question as to what actually makes this a "significant" swatch...

2005 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia
Shawn Green Absolute Heroes Jersey/Jersey/Bat #092/150

Oh, Shawn Green. But even moreso, ohhhhh Playoff baseball cards. Such awesome relics. They're good-looking cards with reasonable sized relic pieces - and certainly unique. Who else would dare stick a piece of shinguard into a card?

2003 SP Authentic
Jayson Werth Chirography Autograph 273/350

Also for me. I love the idea of Jayson Werth on the Jays, especially in catcher's gear...you just can't see his face. Jayson was traded to the Dodgers in March of 2004 for Jason Frasor. While Werth played multiple season for the Dodgers, Phillies and Nationals; Frasor has spent all of his time with the Jays (aside from a brief rental as a White So(ck?x?) in 2011) since the trade.

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