16 February 2013

Rainbow Jays

Hey, did you know Saturday delivery from USPS doesn't end until August? Neither did I, until I looked it up this morning. You see, I've been slowly picking away at my 2013 Topps Blue Jays rainbow (which you can see the progress of here and here) and was hoping some would come in today after a rather uneventful (read: lazy ebay sellers) week in manila packets.

However, rather than wait around until who knows when, we decided to head to a local nursery (for plants, not chilluns) which just so happened to be closed. Not to waste our entire day, we stopped at a pair of local thrift stores - which may very well warrant their own post later this weekend or possibly next week sometime.

Anyways, upon returning, I could tell pulling in (as, of course, I always look) that the mailbox lid was being pushed up a bit.

That means cards!

First up, some unexpected rainbow help and an ebay win jammed into the same JPEG:

The Target Rojo comes from Mark over at This Way to the Clubhouse... and is greatly appreciated. I've been holding off on purchasing the red/blue/purple variations in hopes that some of you fine gentleman traders will send some my way for spare Dodgers or Mets and so on. So far, I'm having the most success and with the greatest efficiency of spending with Romero. Oh, what a terrible season can do for a collector.

On to two more envelopes, including the overly large one that was pushing up the mailbox lid:

 Pink? On a baseball card?! Why yes. Pink. On a baseball card. The pink /50 parallels from this year's Topps, along with gold and black, are some of the best parallel sets I've ever seen. They're just outstanding.

And if that doesn't get you into the holiday spirit, how about some even more festive Jos-eh Reyes:

Ohh, yes please. The previous pair came in another package earlier in the week from El Dimwit. FYI, he's busting a wholedamncase of 2013 Gypsy Queen. Im in on it, why aren't you?

I'm surprised as to how excellent the red parallels look with the new Jays unis. The emeralds, however, don't look good with anyone. Unless you have a nice-slot page of Blue Jays in various colours. Then, they look great?

Do you have any? Wend them to me. KThanks.

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  1. USPS hasn't stopped service in my home town in Missouri, but they closed their store front location on Saturday's. I can get mail, but can't send anything over 13oz till the next work day.