25 February 2013

Recent Additions to the Puma Box

I posted a teaser earlier today. Now I am ready to show of the newest beauties to my Puma Box - or as others may say, "personal collection."

First, the oft neglected member and current number five started for your Toronto Blue Jays, Ricky Romero:

A nice large keystone black swatch - and numbered to 50. This is a great-looking card, and 2012 Platinum is starting to grow on me something fierce. I scored this for about $2.50 on ebay, and the seller, some carbon-copy of a JohnnyG screen name took about two weeks to ship it. Sellers have been awful, lately.

Retail odds on this are 1:3226, so I am wagering that this came from a hobby box.

Also coming my way recently via the Bay was this Drew Hutchison from 2012 Pro Debut.

The gold parallel of the base autograph that I pulled from the second of my two boxes back in January. Very nice card, and surprisingly very little competition for it, since it is numbered to only 50.

Slightly more common, but considerably more difficult to find in pack of 2013 Topps was this Brett Lawrie:

It's the short-printed Out of Bounds variation of his 2013 Topps base card. It came my way via Classon Ave, who was very unhappy about pulling it and accepted a pile of 2013 spare parts in exchange.

And lastly, my one and only foray into 2013 Turkey Red.

The Fat Cats at Topps decided to short print an ass ton of the actual good players in this set, and JP was one of the victims. Luckily, I grabbed the first one to hit Ebay. If you've got a favorite player in this set, go get their cards right now. This is the best Turkey Red yet, but the print run is pretty low.

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