14 February 2013

Completeness: 2013 Topps Chasing the Dream Series 1

The Chasing the Dream insert set from this year's Mothership Part 1 was not very well accepted by the blogging community. This is a shame. It contains a very solid checklist of young stars in the Majors right now (including two Blue Jays).

Seeded 1:6 and only containing 25 cards, collation of this set is realistic. In fact, I pulled my first one on January 30th, and completed the set yesterday with a purchase from a Blowout Cards forum member. The inset only took a total of two weeks and due to it's lack of popularity, was a cheap one to complete (the BOC member sold them for about $.20/card.)

The cards remind me of the large video boards taking over professional American sports arenas of late. An action photo on the front and a huge pixelated logo in the background and borders reflecting the team colours round out the fronts and continue onto the back, which features a short bit on each player. Only the Topps logo and player's large last name running vertically along the left side are foily, which is nice when you compare them to other gaudy reincarnations of Topps inserts the past few years.

On to the cards:

I stated what I like about this series, now for what I do not:

  • Card Numbering: Harper and Trout are 1 and 2. Not helping the page-flipping desire there, Topps.
  • Two Athletics are together: Tommy Milone and Jarrod Parker, but they are separated from Josh Reddick. Also: three A's in one set?  Come on...
  • The White Sox (Sale/Reed) are next to each other, the Marlins (Stanton/Turner) are next to each other, yet Drew Hutchison and Brett Lawrie are 10 cards apart from each other. Either group them by teams or separate them. We know you didn't use random numbers - as Trout and Harper are 1 & 2.
  • Hutchison is card #13, while Lawrie actually wears #13 and is card #24.

Also, my Jacob Turner is badly damaged on the lower right edge. Does anyone have a replacement?


  1. I think I actually really like those now. I wasn't sure at first, however seeing them all grouped together like that I must say that I would like to chase them all too!

    1. Yeah. Looks even better up close. Also, seeing as how there are relics/autos for which there are no base cards of this set, I am betting we will see it carry over to Series 2 - should include Arencibia, Doubront, Gio Gonzalez, others.

      I have some extras if you're looking.