11 February 2013

Gauging Interest: 2013 Pro Debut Box Break

Greetings, all. There are some pretty outstanding group breaks going on out there right now. Sam is planning to rip a whole damn case of 2013 Gypsy Queen in April. A little bit sooner, and our friends at Joe Average Collector will be ripping some awesome products circa 1998-2003.

I've wanted to throw my hat into the group break ring as well, but wanted to do so with a little bit of a different kind of product.

One of my favorite sets from 2012 was Topps Pro Debut. It follows the same design, card stock and quality of the Mothership, yet the checklist is defined by the top prospects within every farm system. The boxes I opened a few months ago were astounding, easily the two best boxes I have ever opened.

What make Pro Debut great is the ease of landing quality hits, low number parallels and unique inserts in every box. It's not extremely overproduced like Topps or Bowman, so the cards hold their value well.

In 2013, Topps has made some changes to the fourth issuing of Pro Debut. A common box break will now net you:

  • Two autographs:

  • One relic:

  • One Manupatch:

  • And an additional relic or scarcer Mascot patch card:

  • 190 cards (220 card set)
While they haven't released the odds of the parallels in this set, last year, golds (/50) fell 2:box.  On top of this, I received one gold auto or relic per box, which I managed to beat the odds twice there.

For this break, I was thinking two boxes of Pro Debut (so everyone gets a full team set), an older box of Pro Debut (2010, 2011 or the lovely 2012) and possibly a box of either 2011 or 2012 Topps Heritage Minors and possibly some 2013 Heritage Minors (note: this hasn't been announced, as far as I know.)

Also, as I love these products so much, I am willing to take up to 1/3 of the team slots. Preferably, Blue Jays, Marlins and Indians, but if someone was interested in those I would pass. Boxes of Pro Debut are about $65, Heritage is a little more, and the older boxes are about $45-$75. It's a unique opportunity to land some card of your favorite team's future stars. 

Please, let me know what you think. I will be busting Pro Debut, no question, but I want others to join in on the awesomeness as well. I also hope to make this an affordable break.


  • Interest  has been shown in the following teams so far:
    • New York Mets (Doug/Buckstorecards)
    • Toronto Blue Jays (Doug/Buckstorecards)
    • San Diego Padres (Marcus/Backstopcards)
    • Texas Rangers (Marcus/Backstopcards)
    • Miami MetroMarlins (Roy-Z - Ozuna, Marisnick, Etc.)
    • Cleveland Indians (Roy-Z - Lindor PC)
    • Boston Red Sox (Roy-Z - I wants me some Xanders)
    • Baltimore Orioles (Ryan H - O No!)
    • New York Yankees (Jeroen/The Dutchman)
    • Pittsburgh Pirates (Pirates Treasure Room (cool name))
    • Detroit Tigers (Patrick - Hot Corner Cards)
    • Colorado Rockies (Joe Average)
    • Chicago Cubs (Matt M/Once a Cub)
    • Washington Nationals (Matt M/Once a Cub)
So we're making some progress. If I can get interest in 20 teams, this will likely go down. I'll keep updating. (Feb. 11)

Price Updates: There seems to be a lot of interest in this for the $10-12 range. Let's hope we can do this. Like I said, I am fine with the mop-up duty of unclaimed teams. 


  1. If it was affordable, I'd be down for the Padres and maybe tha Rangers. Love me some Debut.

    1. If it's more than $15/team, I won't run it. Going through some quick math, I could do it as cheap as $7/team without shipping.

      The high $ mark is 4 boxes at $66/box, 30 spots, and that was about $8.8/team. Plus $2 to ship to US, maybe $3-4 to Canadia.

      The thing is, no one has prices on the boxes yet, but the 2010-2012 boxes can be had for around $60 shipped.

    2. Also, Padres and Rangers will be two of the teams which may end up with the best card. Sampson, Spangenberg, Gyorko, Profar, Perez, Martin will probably all be in here.

    3. Yeah, I'd for sure get the Padres, for obvious reasons, but the Rangers AAA team is the closest professional stadium to my house, and it'd be cool to collect the guys I've seen play. Bummed I haven't seen Profar yet, they had him buried in AA for the few games I went to last year, and then moved him up to the big club at the end of the year.

  2. Depending on the cost, I'd love to grab the Mets and the Blue Jays.

    1. Personally I'd like the Jays, but I could be moved away and take some high-prospect teams. But if you have Mets and Jays, you'll be getting cards from the 2012 Jays farm system, really, just in new uniforms.

  3. I could possibly do this for the Orioles at around the $10-$12 range including shipping.

    1. Might be a comfortable range, there. $15 is an absolute max.

  4. Always happy to join with the Yankees, no clue about the prospects they have, but a good opportunity to familiarize more with them !

  5. I'm interested for the Pirates minor league teams

  6. somehow I missed this post...I would be in on the Rockies farm teams

  7. I'd want to see a checklist first to be sure, but you can pencil me in for Cubs and Nationals in the $20 total range.