The Staheekum Box

Some of you may be aware of what I like to call The Puma Box. Inspired by a favourite corporate logo of mine - Puma's "Jumping Cat", I keep my personal collection cards in a well-protected shoe box. Its not your normal shoe box full of cards. No. I have cardboard dividers, semi-sophisticated sorting and all cards are protected in, at minimum, penny sleeves. Most, however, are in sleeves and top loaders.

Since rejoining the community in the waning nights of Summer 2012, I could no longer fit everything in The Puma Box. My interests had changed, or evolved if you will, to necessitate an entirely different shoe box, one devoted solely to my current, ongoing and often odd  or unattainable projects.

This box will be referred to similar to the Puma Box, paying homage to the brand which it advertises, Staheekum. Staheekum is my preferred brand of hard-soled moccasins, and being gifted a new pair this Christmas lead to a new, very usable show box in which to show off my ongoing projects.

This post will always be in edit - as I will always be working on it. Don't worry, I didn't die mid-sentence, face plummeting to the keyboard only to strike enter, publishing my dying thoughts of cardboard.


Currently, the box is about 1/3 to 1/2 full of ongoing projects. Now for the discussion of such projects.

2012 Bowman Blue Jays Refractor Frankenrainbow
Coming Soon...

2012 Topps Select Blue Jays Binder Rainbows
Discussion coming Soon.

Card #13 Brett Lawrie
Progress: 4/9

Card #68 Colby Rasmus
Progress: 6/9

Card #84 Adeiny Hechavarria*
Progress: 6/9

*Adeiny was a casualty of The Trade. He's likely the Marlins shortstop of the future, and I really enjoy his play and his card, so I think I'll continue to pursue some of them. Thanks to the blogging community, I have quite a few already. He's pictured as a Blue Jay on this card, which obviously is preferred, but I am not nearly as opposed to the Metro Marlins uniforms as most.

Card #124 Ricky Romero
Progress: 7/9

Card #183 Drew Hutchison
Progress: 7/9

Card #304 Kyle Drabek
Progress: 8/9

Card #310 Edwin Encarnacion
Progress: 5/9

Card #311 Rajai Davis
Progress: 4/9

Card #331 Jose Reyes - 1st Official Blue Jays Card
Progress: 7/9

Card ### J.P. Arencibia*

Card ### Jose Bautista*

Card ### Brandon Morrow*

Card ### Emilio Bonifacio*

Card ### Casey Janssen*

Card ### Sergio Santos*

Card ### Melky Cabrera*

Card ### Evan Crawford*

Card ### Darren Oliver*

Card ### Brad Lincoln*

Card ### R.A. Dickey**

*Hopefully these will come out in Series 2 or Update Series
**R.A. Dickey is in Series 1, but he is pictured as a Met. I am sure there will be another incarnation of him in 2013, wearing blue without orange.


World Baseball Classic Relics
Goal: To obtain a jersey (no bats) of at least one of every country's uniform from EACH World Baseball Classic.



South Africa - 2009 Bowman Sterling WBC Relics #JE Justin Erasmus (White)
Italy - 2009 Bowman Sterling WBC Relics #NP Nick Punto (Gray)
Netherlands - 2009 Bowman Sterling WBC Relics #AS Alexander Smit (Black)


China (Peoples Republic)
Chinese Taipei
Dominican Republic
Puerto Rico
South Korea
United States of America


2012 Topps Heritage Minors Manufactured Logo Patches

The patches on this particular set are not as impressive as their Pro Debut counterparts. Though advertised as cap logos, they're actually primary logos - the ones you'll see on sleeve patches or souvenir beer cups or tattoos on local skanks. These patches are not as detailed, but the card design is impeccable. I mean these things are stunning. I won't be going after the whole pile, but rather just the players I collect and logos deemed to awesome to pass up.

Here's what I have so far:
Adys Portillo
San Diego Padres

Casey Kelly
San Diego Padres

Francisco Lindor
Cleveland Indians

Jonathan Schoop
Baltimore Orioles

Marcell Ozuna
Miami Metro Marlins

I also have Mason Williams (Charleston River Dogs, New York Yankees) and Jean Segura (Anaheim Angels/Milwaukee Brewers, Arkansas Travelers) on the way, but I will likely flip or trade them.


2012 Topps Pro Debut Manufactured Cap Logos

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