09 February 2013

Stray Thoughts

I've been thinking of posts for a few days. None of them have seemed to be enough to warrant an entire post, so here are some stray thoughts for you snowbound northeasterners or west-coasters who are too lazy to go outside and enjoy what a wonderful place you live in.

This Santana came from Ryan at Building a Better Collection, or my new depository for my much-maligned Barves cards, or piles of Barve as I lovingly refer to them. I think the two of us completed two trades in less than two weeks. That's definitely a first for me. But I shouldn't say completed - I still have to export a vast pile of 2013 doubles, triples and quadruples out your way, Ryan. Patience.

If you came here because you saw the Carlos Santana and thought, "Hey, no 2013 Topps!!1", then you should probably just leave now. I'll be showing some, but don't worry. I won't be talking about them much.

Right after this article was written, Ryan Braun was once again pulled into the life-sucking and baseball news cycle-encompassing monster that is alleged PED usage. While some guys on the list make sense, and some have alibis, and some are douchebags and I hope they get caught but probably won't (looking your way, Danny Valencia), I otherwise don't care.

MLB's drug policy is a joke. HGH is bad. Cortisone is good. You can take steroids if you, say, have asthma, but not to heal injuries. Ban everything, or ban nothing.

Here's a little nugget that Topps slipped into Series 1. Remember when Mark Buehrle made his debut for the Blue Jays? Neither do I, but apparently it was a very hot and steamy night at the Skydome to get the Big Man sweating up that much.

Mark Buehrle has decided to live in Toronto by himself throughout the duration of his Blue Jays contract. You see, Mark is living by himself in lieu of abandoning a family member, the Buehrle's pet pit bull, Slater. Ontario currently has one of the most despicable laws in existence, a BAN on the pit bull breed.

If you're not a dog lover like I, you may not get it, so I'll try and explain it to you. Dogs are family members. They complete a house hold. I'm currently laid off of work (albeit only for two months) and if I did not have my dog to keep me company, I'd surely be falling apart right now. Baseball on TV this offseason doesn't hurt, either - but that's not the point.

Companionship. Floor cleaner. Portable, furry space heater. That extra heartbeat warming a cold apartment in the middle of a snowbelt winter.

Read the article, here.

Many of you do not like this insert set from 2013 Mothership. I do. Why? Drew Hutchison, Kid Canada, Harper, Pomeranz, Kelly, Altuve, Middlebrooks, Stanton, Turner, etc. Pretty colours. Big logos. ROOOKIESSSS.

Plus, most of you don't like them, making them easy pickin' for moi.

I have a couple I need still, so check out my list of wanting, aqui.

That will bring me, via a nice segue, into my next point. While I haven't written a nice, long, thoughtful post since Tuesday, that doesn't mean I haven't been active here. I've been flooded with trade emails and ebay auctioning, which has consumed most of my allotted blogging time. I'll work on those trade emails today.

However, one such thing is a new page atop the blog, known as the Staheekum Box. Like the Puma Box, it represents my own personal collection, except this one is more for special projects. One such project is my attempted rainbows of the Blue Jays cards from Series 1 - mind you these are just the ones I like, so no Brandon Lyons or JA Happs need apply. I do, however, like these guys:

I was super-hard on Edwin for, well, about two and a half years. Last year shut me the hell up, and did so quickly. Guy can rake, and this year he'll have Jose Reyes, Melky Cabrera and Jose Bautista batting in front of him. That's a little bit better than a melange of Rajai Davis, Kelly Johnson, Yunel Escobar, Laynce Nix or whoever they hell they called up from shitty Las Vegas that week.

Ugh. Mike McCoy.

Edwin brought a friend with him to my mailbox yesterday, too:

Black steals the show again this year. Camo are nearly twice as common and about 1/5 as interesting. No one looks bad on a black-bordered Mothership card. Well, except maybe this guy:

It's only February 9th, but I am naming this the worst card of 2013. I dare you to argue.

And since I wasted part of your precious life looking at that monstrosity, I give you the best card of 2013, so far:

The fact that I was watching this game, and recall the moment exactly, thinking: "That should be Rajai's 2013 Topps card" seals it. Topps touched this one up a bit - you'll notice Joey's face and Butter's good side are blurred a bit - making the dream sequence aspect of the card come through.

Well done, Mothership.


  1. Breed Specific Legislation is BULL!!!

    There are no bad pit bulls, only bad owners.

    Band stupid people, not dogs.

    And my personal favorite: Adore-a-BULL!

    1. Mmmm hmm. Chihuahuas are just as mean if you make them that way. I love pit bulls. Beautiful dogs, great companions. Just a shame that some people have ruined their reputation.

      Mark's isn't even a pure pit bull, its and American Staffordshire Bulldog mix.

    2. Oh yeah, no doubt. Labs are consistently in the top 5 of reported bite cases in the U.S. but they still maintain their family dog reputation. I love Labs, one of my favorite breeds, but just to put things into a perspective. And all the myths and bad publicity you hear on Pits now, are what was being said about Rotties 20 years ago, and Shepards before them and Dobermans before them! In another 10 years there's going to be another "it" dog to have and soon you'll be hearing the same things about that breed.

      And yeah, there are WAY more nasty Chihuahuas and Jack Russells then there are pits. But unfortunately, Pits, Am Staffs, Stafforshire Bulls, Bull Terriers and any breed that look close (Boxers, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, etc.) are being banned by insurance companies, landlords, cityies, counties and in some countries. It's disgusting.

  2. Ban* not "Band". Sorry everyone.

  3. I'm liking the black Romero. I haven't seen the black or camouflage in person but they look pretty cool. I must go purchase some more. I'm already slacking!