05 February 2013

Quick & Dirty Trades

In the environmental field, we often don't have enough time or daylight or tornado-free weather to due thorough investigations. When the environment gives you a deadline, sometimes you have to cut some corners to accelerate your days. 

It's a big picture kind of thing. Straight to the important core. No fluff, or filler, it might not be the prettiest of things, but the job gets done.

In the field, we call it "quick and dirty." 

Lately, I've been getting that feeling from trades. A few cards either way are agreed upon, and within a few days (turnaround has been sharp), cards are flying cross-country on the USPS steed, with happy traders on both ends.

Most trade lately have been base cards for base cards. '12 Update for '12 A&G doubles. Some '13 Topps are already trading places for more appreciative binder pages. This is fine, but I'll be honest:

It's damn boring. I'm just not excited by pulling in filler base cards, but I am too far into '12 Update, '13 Mothership and '12 A&G to look back. So it goes.

The trade which I'll be writing about here is not one of these trades of bases. It is, however, a quick-and-dirty trade with blogger mainstay Lechuza Noche. Some purple Dodgers his way, some green Marlins and shiny Blue Jays mine. Quick and dirty. Two happy bloggers, I'm sure.

Particular happiness was brought on by this:

This year's Mothership has some quality. The base set, I'll admit, is beautiful. The inserts are bland, the modus operandi of Topps, but every thousandth pack or so, you may find something special. The Lechuza found this one in his blaster, a silk Rookie Card (patch?) of Ken Griffey Jr., childhood hero. Coincidentally, I do not own the original. Hint, hint.

I was robbed of my Rookie Silk/Manupatch in my own blaster purchase and have been heavily ignored by @toppssupport ever since, so the inclusion of this card leaves me feeling slightly vindicated. Big thanks to Greg for this one - he could have easily threw it up on ebay for a quick $10, but chose to share the love with a fellow blogger. 

I like Jose Reyes. And Austin Barnes. Not sure if that one was included for my love of catchers, it's refractory awesomeness or that delightful Miami Metrosexual Marlins logo, but it hits on all three. Well done, again.
What would a quick-and-dirty trade post be without a poorly-scanned, painted Carlos Delgado Gallery card from the early 00's? It wouldn't be worth reading, I'm sure. Always welcoming of this-era Delgados. 

As always, thanks for the trade, thanks for reading, and don't drink and drive. Ever.

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