05 January 2013

Out of the Woodwork with a Trade Post

G'evening everyone. It's been quiet around here lately. I myself haven't posted since what I think was December 21st. It had been quiet on most blogs until the past few days, where it seems posting is once again rampant.

Which is nice. It gives me something to do.

The recent posting spree spurred a trade between myself and Marcus of ...All the Way to the Backstop, a solid Padres-centric scroll with the most 70's of colour schemes. The boring Plain Gray Swatch approves.

In exchange for some cardboard with cut-up pieces of Padres jerseys, Marcus sent a couple team bags full of Blue Jays goodies, some set-building material, and some recent Puma Box collection needs.

So without further Apu, here's some pipin' hot Texas baseball cards:

I decided to start with the Pacific Coast League cards Marcus sent of ex-Blue Jay great Travis D'Arnaud and future Corey Patterson Anthony Gose. Unintentionally, I scanned these cards in such a juxtaposition to actually create a pretty awesome image. If only the railing and bunting in the background lined up...

It just wouldn't be a proper trade post without some John-Paul Arencibia cardboard. This is my second of the 2012 Bowman and yes, I do plan on hoarding these. Send 'em. The Archives is one of my favourite JPs. It featured the signature and his newly coloured 2012 Jays catching gear, which is way better than the gray/black angry Jay scheme. I already had the gold-foil parallel, which is a beaut, but the base is new to me. And I enjoy it.

As I mentioned prior, Marcus was the first to send some cards of my recently re-upped Puma Box collection, Joe Mauer. This is a Heritage sticker from I have no idea when and an O-Pee-Chee from an era of collecting which I was not involved in...so 2009 or so? Either way, some great Mauers here. Many,many more coming in the mail from COMC soon.

What's not to love about a favourite player, in a unique pose, being remember for destroying the Evil Empire with a 9-RBI night? Possibly the fact that the card commemorate a batting accolade, and Carlos is being shown fielding a ball....likely pretty poorly.

Set builders. Not too much to say here, but these were the cardboard meat of the sandwich in this trade. A contribution of 4% overall to my 2012 Allen & Ginter's woes is always appreciated (hint.) I'm a bit further off with the '12 Update Series, but that's okay. I know they're out there, and not short-printed.

This may be one of, if not my favourite Blue Jay card from 2012. I just love it. And of course, it comes out of the set which I loathed the most in 2012. Heritage...puke.

Still, love the cards, Marcus. Your's will hit the road soon once I can pad them with some more Friars.


  1. That Delgado is a pretty sweet looking card. The Mauer sticker is from this year.

    Can't believe you didn't like Heritage this year, the Jays had all the best cards! I thought the JP-A was the best looking one in the set. Oh well, takes all kinds.

    Glad you liked 'em! Take care!

    1. That's the weird thing...the Jays usually have atrocious cards, especially in this set. But the Sergio and J-PA are awesome cards...but believe it or not, I still do not have that J-PA.

  2. Wow, that Delgado card is awesome! I'd never seen it before but it's great. Gotta make sure to get to his number retirement game.

    Seeing cards of d'Arnaud just makes me sad now. No doubt I'll feel a million times better when I start seeing R.A. Dickey Blue Jay cards. :)

    1. Maybe I'll see you there. The Dome is going to be insane that day.

      And just think of that deep blue Jose Reyes jersey we'll get to see in '13...