30 December 2012

Seeing Purple: 2012 Topps Chrome Purple Refractor Hot Box

I won't bore you with text. See some purple:

Pack Zero: This one was the "extra pack" in the box, the one that was, you know, supposed to have all purple refractors. Joe Benson, Hunter Pence, Adam LaRoche, Jason Vargas. Not the best, but I enjoy Pence and LaRoche was a fantasy sleeper this year. Worked out well for me.

Pack One: When I ripped this one, I knew what I had. You just don't get three purple refractors and a basic refractor in a single pack. Needless to say, I was excited at this point. Also, the player selection in this pack was killer (save for the basic refractor). Dustin Pedroia, Giancarlo Stanton, Mark Reynolds, Michael Morse.

Pack Two: Love the player selection here, along with the photography. I am sure someone will be interested in the Kershaw. Clayton Kershaw, Drew Hutchison f/the hockey flow, Zack Cozart, Miguel Montero.

Pack Three: A slight recession. Eric Hosmer, Ryan Vogelsong, Justin Morn-'O Canada, BJUpton.

Pack Four: Most boring star in baseball, some rookies, and the most exciting non-star in baseball. Mark Teixeira, Alex Liddi - MLB's first Italian-born player, Colin Cowgill, Nyjer Morgan (why do we have no Brewers and Athletics card blogs?

Pack Five: Kelvin Herrera and Roy Halladay in almost the same exact pose, World Series Hero David Freese and a boring old base refractor of ex-Blue Jays great Shaun Marcum (come home, soon.)

Pack Six: A very awesome shot of Madison Bumgarner, XFractor Brian Dozier, Taylor Green, Mike Napoli.

Pack Seven: The closeout is easily the best pack. I enjoy Andre Ethier and his hockey flow. RA Dickey is a Nue Jay, and the colours and photo on the Chris Young is awesome. And then the most valuable card in the box, a basic Yoenis Cespedes refractor.

In total:
Purple Refractors: 25
XFractor: 1 (Brian Dozier)
Regular Refractors: 3 (Shaun Marcum, Dustin Pedoucha, Yoenis Cespedes)

Damn, that was a fun blaster. Oh yeah, This was the first of three DISCOUNTED blasters I grabbed with leftover Xmas gift card money from Sprawl Mart today. No, the others were not hot, but still yielded some decent cards.


  1. Damn, Zakwin, get off the internet once in awhile.

    Love those kind of blasters!

  2. Wow, that must've been great to open! The closest I've ever gotten to a hot box was opening a box of 2006 Future Stars. There's 5 Autos per box and after the first 5 packs I netted 5 sigs. Packs 6-24 however left me empty handed :^(

    1. Totally was. What were the autos? I ripped a bunch of blasters to no avail. Did purchase a Wilson Ramos, though.

  3. I must say, I am drooling all over myself right now. I'm a huge fan of purple refractors and you seem to have hit a "purple mine". Very envious! : )

  4. If you're looking to trade some of those, I'd be glad to help you out with that.

  5. If ya'll are interested in acquiring some, I will trade them. Some I do want to keep.

  6. I opened a purple refractor hot box today and was just looking around to see how common they are so I was wondering if you knew.

    1. I'm still trying to figure that out, Alex. I think I had heard of one other, and another blogger had s hot box in a hockey product- but I forget which.

  7. also i think you mentioned you got 25 purple refractors which is strange because i got 27 along with 2 regular refractors 2 xfractors and 1 die cut so they must not all be the same