07 January 2013

Hey, hockey is back.

So let's celebrate with a re-pack!

$5.99 slipped into my grocery cart tonight. Let's see what we have.

Could be much, much worse. I guess.

I'll start with the repack-in-a-repack, a product with no name.

Yep. That's a checklist. Awesome start, eh?

1997-1998 Leaf. I love Leaf!

Some legitimate star power on a truly excellent base-set design. I dig.

2005-2006 Parkhurst. Back to the Future! Err, recent past. Or something.

In case you were wondering what every pack of 2005-2006 Parkhurst looked like, well, that's it. Every one. Just like that.

2006-2007 MVP

I think I've seen every one of these cards about 76 times. But they're colourful. Might be a nice binder set. For a six-year-old.

2006-2007 Ultra

Ultra was very, very unimaginative in the mid-to-late 00's. This is that same set as 07-08, but this one has a horizontal foil line. In 08-09, they tilted the player's names. Mind you, this all came after the Upper Deck takeover of Fleer. Before that, Ultra was great. UD neutered it.

2010-2011 Upper Deck

So colourful. Upper Deck hockey in 2012 beat the hell out of UD baseball. What a dreadful set that was. Clutterbuck saves this repack.

Well, it was full of mustly trash, but fun. I'll have to shred some modern hockey before too long in celebration. 

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