13 January 2013

Obligatory Sunday Post (1)

First, with a state-of-the blog:

As with most of the blogospheroid, I work Monday-Friday. My occupation, at least in the winter, is semi-labourious, and as a result of that and beating myself to death behind home plate for a decade plus, I tire myself out pretty easily. Needless to say, my posting has been sparse of late, but I have some good news in relation to that.

My current work contract send on January 31st. I was hired in June for some intern-type duties and to spearhead a forestry project in Onondaga County. I was only supposed to be there for six months, but if you check the math, January 31st is about seven and a half months. I also received a raise in this period, which is almost unheard of in this county within a a six-month duration.

Anyays, I was pulled aside by the bossman on Friday afternoon once I returned from the field. He told me I was done on 1/31 (which everyone already knew) but that the county and the higher-up project leaders wanted to bring me back for next season, with another "salary enhancement" and potential of creating a more permanent position - the project is on a 20-year timeline.

Sounds good, eh? It is.

However, I'll be off in February and March. Language and rewriting the grants and bureaucratic red tape will keep me out of work and glued to MLBNetwork coverage of the World Baseball Classic (U-S-A! U-S-A!).

Oh deary me, what a way to waste two months.

So, although I won't be purchasing as much cardage due to two months without income* (don't worry too much, I've saved a good deal of my poorly-earned grad student $), I will be able to put a huge effort, in comparison  to writing here, and possibly on my other blogs - which once they are revamped, will be pimped out to no avail right here.

My collecting foci have not changed so much.

I've added Marcus Stroman and Matthew Smoral to my list of Puma Box participants. Been working on acquiring some Hutchisons while he's hurt and cheap, as well as Drabek. As for Nue Jays acquired in The Trade, I'm only collecting Jose Reyes retroactively and will go after Josh Johnson and Emilio Bonifacio pictured as Jays. Hopefully in 2013 Flagship Topps will take a more serious approach to photoshopping on new logos. No way they'll be able to take photographs and print up Nue Jays in Spring Training digs.

I'll know, Topps.

Topps has been airbrushing/photoshopping/paying Chinese tweens $.10/day to change logos. I cannot change this.

For those of you that have made it this far without pictures, I applaud and appreciate your effort. You're a tribute to plaingrayswatch.

So here's your shiny award, and believe me, it is quite, quite shiny.

2011 Topps Finest
Red Refractor 09/25
The rainbow of 2011 Finest JPAs was never a big issue to me until I saw this card. Via scan, it's not so outstanding, but in the morning Sunday light of my man cave/rabbit den, it's absolutely gorgeous. This was acquired for less than $10, which to me, is great for a red refractor #ed to 25. The serial is 09/25, which is, you guessed it, JP's number. ONE OF ONE!!!!1/1

2012 Bowman Chrome DP&P
Red Ice Refractor 16/25
Let's stick with the red. This is a red-ice refractor from 2012 Bowman Chrome of Jays #2 (still a 1st rounder) of Marcus Stroman. Another steal at under $10, Stroman's cardboard is selling quite well right now. He'll start 2013 under a drug suspension, but if you look at lil' Marcus you can tell he's probably not a juicer and he just took something over-the-counter that, as a draft pick, he didn't know was illegal. So it goes. Live, learn, close games.

2012 Bowman Sterling
Autograph - Base
Okay, I'll admit that I am hoarding 2012 Bowman Sterling autos. This is my second Marcus Stroman. I have five Francisco Lindors and two base Stryker Trahans, plus a refractor. I really love the design of these, and they're easy pickin' right now after sellers flooded the ebay market at the turn of the year. Hoping for some decent resale once Stro' is called up in September. Trahan and Lindor, however, are a few years off still.

2012 Bowman Chrome
Franchise All-Stars
Asdrubdbdbbaball Cabrera & Francisco Lindor
Speaking of Francisco Lindor, our friend Dennis at Pictures of Men (easily one of my favourite blogs, both from cards and a Blue Jays perspective) sent me this Lindor/Cabrera in exchange for a purple refractor of Roy Halladay. Done deal.**

2012 Finest
Rookie Autograph Refractor something/198
Aaaaand the obligatory Drew Hutchison refractauto. I don't have an explicit affinity for 2012 Finest, but this one came in on the cheap. Silly me, this card is absolutely gorgeous in-hand, in natural light. Plus, it's numbered to /198.

2011 and 2012 Topps Chrome Refractors
XFractor, Black (/100), Red (/25)

Like I said, I am going after Jose Reyes retroactively. Why? Because I enjoy the uniforms of both the Mets and Marlins, and they tend to make great cards. The 2011 XFractor I pulled from a $1.59 Target pack. I buy them out all the time. Which reminds me, I have to assault one of the other OC Targets to see if they've restocked...

I really like Jose Reyes refractors. Maybe its because they're flashy as all hell and so is he. The black (/100) and red (/25 again) came from a lot off ebay where the seller accepted a lowball of $18, which may seem like a lot, but I don't mess around with red refractors - it has taken me five plus months to track down a 2011 JP Arencibia, so I jumped on this. The black refractor, with the orange and black of the fake Marlins jersey, is stunning. Black refractors look good with every team, except the Yankees, in which every card looks like a pile of puke.***

Well, this has been a long post. I do not have many singles coming in the mai--

Oh wait, I have a sixty-card COMC order arriving this week.

Never mind.

Be on the lookout for a huge series of posts on that order. Could be at least six posts. You've been warned.

*Which is not a huge problem. There won't be anything new coming out anyways - I'll be tracking down some Jays from the 2012 Donruss Elite EE set, likely, but just singles. Once returning to work in April, the good stuff will start coming. Bowman, A&G Civilizations insert, NUE JAYS on 2013 cards.

**If you have Roy Halladay cards to trade, send them to Dennis. He's a big fan and will appreciate them more than I. I love Halladay and always will, but the red pinstripes just leave me feeling empty. At least, until I see Jose Reyes in blue this Spring.

**Send me your Jose Reyes refractors, jerks.


  1. I like those Franchise All-Star cards for some reason, oh and those are some killer Reyes'!!!

    1. They're nice, especially in-hand. Still looking to land the Jays one, not sure who's on it, though. I think Gose/Bautista.

  2. Glad the card arrived...thanks for the shout out!

    Some very nice stuff on here. I hadn't actually seen any of the Bowman Sterling auto's in person until yesterday & I can see why you'd be hoarding them. They're damn nice!

  3. I know I have a few Jose Reyes cards around, just not as sexy as those. I'll shoot you an email.