20 January 2013


One of the best things about blogging is that sometimes, you don't have to write a thing.

2008 Bowman

2001 Stadium Club
1999 Stadium Club

2002 Ultra

1999 Topps

1999 Stadium Club

2008 Upper Deck First Edition

2007 Topps

1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice


  1. Well said... Or is it unsaid?

    Btw, that Javy Lopez card is extraordinary!

  2. Awesome group of pics, or should I say dirty group of pics. Love it.

  3. In Junior year English class in High School, the guy sitting in front of me had an epiphany that he couldn't help blurt out: "I got it! Words are just sounds, with meaning!!!"

    The entire class laughed at him, including the teacher and it was at that moment I heard a sound. It was an extremely faint sound, that I think only he and myself were able to hear. It was the sound of all his hopes and dreams crashing down.