10 January 2013

In which I rip two rack packs of 2012 Bowman Chrome...on camera.

I'll likely embarrass myself here, but this is something I've been wishing to do for quite a while.

Lately, something happened in the card blogosphere (which I will not detail) that ignited a fire in my little blogger self. Consider posts from here on as writing with a grudge.

I want to improve this blog. I want people to come here, comment, complain, so on. And I wanted to that without making a list of resolutions just to revisit in December as a sobbing, even more embarrassed blogger.

One improvement, along the lines of reader participation and interaction, was to run some group breaks. However, since there are about seventeen going on right now, that will have to wait. I'm hoping for a nice break once some more 2013 products are out.

In these breaks, I want to make some videos. Since there are no new (affordable) or exciting products, I ripped a really, really shitty one from 2012.

Bowman Chrome.


Aside from the top-shelf stuff, BowChrow is just the worst in terms of value, but there was only one hockey alternative at Target tonight, and it was the also overpriced 2012-2013 Panini Certified.

So I bit the proverbial bullet, grabbed two rackerz of BowChrow, and drove home.

And then I recorded it.

So here.

Watch me embarrass myself. I swear my voice sound like that.


  1. Nice work on the vidya. Your friend was putting on a show in the background.

    1. Its so sad that The Pug licking his remaining genital(-s) in the background is more exciting than the awful packs were.

  2. "Chris Carpenter acting like Chris Carpenter" ... awesome.

    1. I always seem to know how to provoke a comment out of you.