07 January 2013

Catching up on some Puma Box additions.

If you're curious as to what goes in the Puma Box, look approximate right here^.

I've been busy on ebay lately. While some good Blue Jays and Puma Box players cards have been popping up, and aside for Drew Hutchisons' recent in demand cards (what the hell?) - most have been easily attained.* However, my concentration lately has been mostly on prospecting and exploiting market inefficiencies. More on the second one, later.

First, in the parlance of our times, some bloody hockey:

Don't ever leave me again, hockey. Also, sorry, Puckheads, this is the last hocker card you'll be seeing in this post. Total cardstock tease, eh?

Sepia refractors are just great. This one came with a heaping wad of scotch tape stuck to the back. FUN!

Someone will be receiving that top loader in a trade as protection to USPS' shipping calamities.

Keeping with the refractor them,e, here's DJ Davis, the Jays' #1 from the 2012 Domestic Draft. There's a lot to like about Davis, especially this solid pose. And he's really, really fast.

From the (not same) Bowman Chrome set is a bangin' John-Paul Arencibia gold refractor. If you do not possess a goldie yet, go angrily type in your favourite player's name into ebay with "gold refractor" added on. You'll be glad you did. PS, they're numbered to /50, and are usually a steal as everyone else is blinded by the eyesore superfractorz.

"Hey everone, I found JP again, and he brought his BRO, Brett Lawrie."

If someone says this to you at a party, leave. If you don't you run the risk of winding up in a life-and-death match of drunken badmitton or fleeing across the Arizona-Mexico border while JP and Brett are doing whippets and pounding Red Bull in the back of a stolen Scirocco.

And some prospectin'. Francisco Lindor is one of my targets right now, and also a non-Blue Jay cornerstone to my Puma Box. I enjoy 2012 Bowman Sterling quite a bit, and Lindor's penmanship is excellent. Oh, and he's projected to be a hell of a shortstop in coming years in Cleveland, too.

More mail coming soon. Should have been coming today, but apparently delivery confirmation just...doesn't work anymore.

*I apologize for the dreadful punctuation in this sentence. But you're not Mrs. Edkin, my 9th grade English teacher, so kindly piss off if it bothers you. By the way - my high school English (and history) teachers practically begged me to go to college for journalism. I should have listened to them.

Last Second Additions:

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