23 January 2013

Incoming & Outgoing: Patchin' Heat


Things have been slow around here lately. While everyone else seems to be comfortably housed in their snug little abodes, I've been making my rounds through the local waste water treatment plants and pumping stations and so on, doing what I do.

In the driving snow (yesterday.)

And the high temperature of 6 American degrees.

I'm not asking for sympathy. Just laying a baseline for understanding as to my lack of posts of late.

I'm just tired, man.

A little too tired to write so many words, or post anything to ebay, or visit the postal office (yesterday) and deal with the maniacs who wanted to go to the post office on Monday but could not, and the poor souls behind the counter that wish they'd chose a different life path.

They were, however, happier with their choice today. Including my worker, who I had a brief chat with about baseball cards - enough to inspire a future post. But not right now.

Like I said, I'm tired.

I did manage to send some packages out today though. To the dwellers of the following regions -  you're on notice.

The borough of Brooklyn, NY.

Somewhere in I have no idea, Pennsylvania.

The bitterly frosted plains of North Dakota.

...and the bitterly windswept, lake-affected land that is Jefferson County, Nueva York.

My Spanish teacher always made us say Nueva York. No one really says Nueva York, right?

Right. Baseball cards.

Bask in the refractors warm glowing warming glow.
Ahh, Sterling. I like you. Francisco is bathed in a nice warm glow of refractory goodness in this limited to 199 card from this year's Bowman Sterling. This came a while ago, but I didn't want to post just one card. With no other new Lindors coming anytime soon, I decided to go ahead and post it.

You're not a refractor...
A plain white envelope from everyone's favourite Orioles cardboard blogger, Ryan. The book on Anthony Gose has one chapter: offspeed. Hopefully he'll get it together in the International League this summer, and I can watch him run around the bases insanely here in the lesser Syracuse area. Thanks, Ryan. I dig it.

Kactus Kelly
Maybe you were wondering where the "Patchin' Heat" subtitle came from. Well, the suspense is over. Night Owl, you might as well close this post right now. It's just going to get patchier. Some blowhards on Blowout Cards forums were ranting about how overrated Kelly is as a prospect.


Sure. I saw Zach Wheeler pitch this summer. He didn't look good, but hell, it doesn't make him overrated.

Another said he was boring. So was Mike Mussina.

Schoop, day it is.
I have a passionate love affair with minor league logos. They cause me to do wild things, like bid on used Montgomery Biscuits hats off ebay - and makedamnsure I win them.

One logo which I cannot get enough of is the Bowie BaySox logo, AA affiliate of the Orioles. Schoop will be representing the sneaky good Netherlands baseball squad in this late winter/spring's World Baseball Classic. Watch. They may surprise you. But they still cannot pitch.

Flying Awesomeness
There's nto a whole lot to say about this patcher. It's a Flying Squirrel. On a baseball card. And some SF Giants prospect - but that's not the point.

A Flying Squirrel. From Richmond, Virginia.

I love minor league baseball.

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