17 December 2012

Make Offers.

I've updated my trade bait. These are some of my nicer cards that, for some reason or another, do not really fit into my collection.

If one or seven of these cards makes you feel tingly in some way, make an offer for it. If some are limited to a low print run, or particularly difficult to obtain from my clammy, Jays-grubbing an probably covered-in-pug-spit paws, then I will make a note of it.

Everything will be transferred to the "Trade Baitz" tab or whatever the hell I am calling it lately. Also, I will be adding hockey and football to it...soon enough. Happy Monday Eve, everyone.

/199, /25, See-through

Roy Halladay, Miguel Tejada, Jeff Francis

/150 or so, Refractor, Zeenuts*

Dinged RefracTOR, /200, Traded to Baseball Irrelevance

Kaz Sasaki, Tony Gwynn, /549? RefractAuto

The Straw, Nobody, Josh Outman


  1. Could you possibly add the Tulowitzki and the Francis autograph to our trade, please?

  2. I'd love the Ichiro Diamond King! I could be talked into the Pujols and maybe Gwynn. Lemme see if I have anything left to trade after the giveaways!