21 December 2012

Messing with things.

If you're like me, you probably don't click on a link to a post unless there is a picture.

Consider yourself tricked by my latest Carlos Delgado purchase, this nice patch card from some Upper Deck set. It's not that I don't know where it came from - I just wanted your attention.

So maybe I have it by now.

I recently did some blogscaping. I think it looks a little better than before. Definitely less amateur. Which is kind of ridiculous - if we were pros, there wouldn't be any amateurism. A little bit is okay. And there is some. Still.

Pay me to write, and it'll look better. I promise. But you're not paying me, so settle down.

I made a new blog logo. It's over here ------>

(You may have to scroll.)

I feel it fits the feel of the blog a bit better. It looks like I am stuck in the greater/lesser Syracuse area for a while to come. Might as well embrace it. Could be worse. I could be in the city.

Hey, do we have trades going? If so, email me. We've all been busy, so do not be offended if I haven't replied lately.

As some of you may remember, I used to collect Colorado Rockies cards. I have a bunch of them, and as I have proposed trades to a few Rockies fans of late - I am going to write up a post in which I have a bunch of scans of the cards up for trade. Tulo will be present. I'll resurrect the corpse of Garret Atkins as well. Todd Helton will rule that post. Stay tuned...probably later next week.

Two quick, non-blog-related things.

Why the hell isn't Bob Seger on Spotify?

And this might be the greatest song ever written.


  1. your e-mail isn't listed anywhere....and I'm interested in any Tulo hits/RCs, + that Ginter you mentioned.

    1. Coincidentally enough, I was just sliding the Ginters into a team bag for you (and labeling it. I'll look for my Tulos. Send an email to rolewiii@gmail.

    2. Also, this comment inspired a new text box to the right for email contact. Mixin' it up some more.

  2. Sent you an e-mail about a trade we were working on.