16 December 2012


I've been taking it easy on the 'bay in the past week after my binge resulting in a pile of manupatches, some autos and other miscellaneous goodies.

But I still look. It's okay to look.

In looking, I came across a Stephen Strasburg logo patch on my list. The shipping was very reasonable, so I decided to Check out the seller's other items. There was only one auction listed, a combo-deal featuring Ike Davis - with his 2011 Lineage Relic and a 2011 Sparkle card.

Well, you see Mr. nice card-dealing man, even I can tell that that isn't a gold or even a cognac spark....wait...no....

AHH! What the hell, dude?

And no, JP - that's not ink..
"Awww, gross, dude!"

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