21 December 2012

Blistering: 2008 Topps Chrome Repacks

Recently, Wegman's, the greatest grocery store of them all (yes, better than King Sooper) has been expanding their junk wax section - what used to be a magazine rack is not a checkout isle. And if you've ever been t Wegman's, you know only about three of the ~20 checkouts are open after 7pm - thus no awkward card-section searching while others check out their nightly sustenance.

They've been showcasing some half-priced blasters lately, too. However, they're atrocious. UD X, Icons, 2008 Topps, 2008 Upper Deck 1&2 (read: no inserts in packs.)

However, they did recently have blister repacks of one of my favourite products, 2008 Topps Chrome. For some reason, the refractors look just great in this set - especially the coppers and blues. XFractors, on the other hand, are the Ke$ha of refractors - so trashy, yet somehow irresistible.

I grabbed one blister a few weeks ago that contained a Mickey Mantle HR history insert refractors and flipped it on ebay for 4x the price of the pack. So of course, when I found two more about a week ago, I grabbed them at a meager $1.59/pack.

Here's pack one:

I had both of these, both in base and refractor..or at least I think I do. I know I have seen the Gallardo repeatedly.

What the hell happened to Daric Barton? These features an awful photo on a mediocre design, with gold-foil serial numbering on a faux-aged card back. Yeah, I don't like these. At all.
Blue Bass!

I did not have this one, yet. Well, at least in blue - I don't know about the basic refractor or Ke$hafractor. I love the blue-bordered refractors, which somehow look great with cards of all uniform colours, unlike the new orange, green and purple refractors.

And along to pack number two:

Ah, much better base cards this time 'round. Yadier is one of the more exciting players to watch in baseball - and as a huge fan of catchers, pitch calling and defense, I'll often tune my MLB.TV to St. Louis Cardinals games just to watch him. Also featured is his cross-Missoura rival, Billy Butler.

Five-year chrome bend makes for great
refractor scans.

Oh hey, Martin. Guess what? You're trade bait. Because I already have you. SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE MY BARVES CARDS.
Blue, blue, blue, blue Christmas.

Well that's a great way to end it. A blue refractor of an insert? My hot streak continues. This was numbered to /200.

I enjoy 2008 Chrome. If you have any refractors to offer, I have a want list for the set on the left side of the ol' blog. 


  1. I beg to differ. Ke$ha is VERY resistible. :-)

  2. With the right immunization from your doctor she is.

  3. Note to self: Wegman's has cards.

    Note to self2: Never touch an Xrefractor again. You don't know what disease you'll catch.

    1. Quite a haul for you, no?

    2. Yes. But I have lots o' connections in Wegman's home base in Western N.Y.