11 December 2012

Thick like a good steak.

Recently, I have been rather addicted to ebay. It's not that I've come into a bunch of money, or am hopelessly bored due to leaving at work while its still dark and coming back 10 minutes before sunset - no. It's just that there are some great deals out there right now.

Maybe it's because I have acquired a vast majority of JP Arencibia cards, but I've been looking into other players for "pc" adds (I don't like "pc" too much - since my greatest collection reside in a PUMA box, I will now refer to them as Puma Box Cards.) 

In a late night move last week sometimes, I threw a lowball offer of $6 on this guy:

It's a 2001 Sweet Spot Sweet Signatures of my man, Carlos Delgado. The man that hung out with 8-year old me and my buddy Patrick back in the day at Old MacArthur Stadium, a dump of a AAA stadium along the train tracks in Syracuse, New York. That day, I received my first Carlos J. Delgado autograph, and to this day the only in-person one. None will ever be as sweet, either.

Oh, also, this card is suuuuuper thick. Thick like a good steak. As I compare it to others on my desk right now, it is noticibly thicker, in profile, that the Throwback patches from 2011 Topps Update.

But this was meant to be a quick post. So I'll keep it at that. Have a good one, tonight.

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