06 December 2012


I went a bit overboard on ebay this weekend, or maybe it was Monday, who knows - I was home sick until yesterday - going after my recent obsession with the 2011 Topps Update Series Throwback patches. To compensate, I threw up a bunch of mediocre Young Guns from this year's 12-13 Upper Deck hockey. Good news, they're all selling - and I can no longer feel like an ass throwing my moderately hard-earned money at fake patches.

This also makes me feel a bit better:
1953 Brookly Dodgers

I'm constantly finding cards in this set I did not know about - and this is one of them. If you had told me early on there was a Clayton Kershaw in this set, I wouldn't have thought much of it. The Los Angeles Dodgers logo hasn't changed much. However, once seeing that this was a Brooklyn Dodgers cap logo, I changed my mind. The thing is, I doubt this was ever on a Dodgers cap - as their hats were blue, and a blue patch on a blue hat just doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Hoards of Dodger bloggers feel free to correct me.

2003 Toronto Blue Jays

Oh, hello muscle-bound Blue Jay. Robby was a Met when this logo was flavourful, I believe. Not many people like this one. It is, however, the first cap logo on a Jay's cap that I ever bought for myself, with my (actually) hard-earned landscaping money from high school. So it means a little bit to me. And it's Robby Alomar. He actually shows up in this set four times - once in which the readers here will see later int he week (hopefully), and also as an Oriole, a patch I already have duplicates of Zach Britton sporting, and again with the most mundane boring block C for Cleveland you could imagine. I'd rather have the Chief Wahoo, but that's a post for another day.

2003 can be considered a "throwback," right? No, probably not.


I could go on for hours about the shittyness of the 2012 Update Series patches. So of course I will soon own two of them.

So. Much. Awful.

But this is the only patch card with the Nue Jays logo, and it's Joey.

Don't get me started on the earth-shattering world-changing blockbuster deal that was Jose Bautista for Robinzon Diaz. 

Again, another post, another day.

I was pleased to see these protecting the Joey Patch though:
Gypsies and Queens!

They were just filler in the team bag, but it was pretty rad, and rather coincidental that I: A) Want to complete this set eventually and B) Needed all four of these cards.

That's all for now. I am going to go watch Christmas Vacation for the third time since Thanksgiving.

Don't judge me.

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  1. You're correct. No blue B on a blue Dodgers cap.

    Therefore, another item to add onto the list of manupatch awful.