07 March 2013

Your 2013 Blue Jays discuss 2013 Heritage

Warning: Adult Blogger Language, Dammit.

Jose: Dis version o' Topps is majestic, beautiful. Like a deep fly ball against a bright blue Florida sky.

 Brett: Yer shittin' me, right Joey? It's just a bunch of fuckin' head shots of dirty hayseeds...all sweaty an' shit. You probably just sold like 53000 fricken packs, why ya gotta lie to the good folks? I mean just look at this creepy fuck:

Emilo: Hey mang.

JPA: Brett, I love you, but shut the hell up. That's not funny - guys gotta be on some Predator list or something. Besides, there is a quiet dignity to like, a third of the set maybe.
RA, in a "Dad" voice: Now JP, it's not that bad. 

Joshe Thole: Yeah, RA! Besides, Brett is kind of funny, Mr. JP.

JPA: Shut up and carry my bags, rookie.

Raj, softly: But JP he's not even a rook--

Ricky: Rajai, shut the hell up or I'll shave the other half of your face.

Casey: Let's get back on topic, Ricky. Anyways, it's not that bad, you know - I mean look at me. Then again, I always look good. Is Sergio hurt yet?

Josh Johnson, AKA Grumpy Cat: NO

Melky: Thankyou fans!

Ricky: Who the fuck invited this guy? He doesn't even have the right hat on. 

RA: I've never seen him before. Wait - weren't you on the Giants last year?

Jos-eh: No worry about him mang,  he come with me, ju no walk off de Island! Brandon - sup wid dat stare of yooz?
Brandon: Too bright. Can't see a damn thing. Wait - what the hell happened to your eyebrow, Jose?

Raj, quietly: Yeah Jose, what happened?

Ricky: Raj, you're out of your element.

Colby: Hey guys, I just got here. Holy shit it's bright. Where's Anthony?

JPA: I think he's sleeping. With his eyes open.

Anthony: Soooo many hot babes at Spring Training. I want to be sent down to Dunedin.

Colby: That's what I like about Spring Training girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.

Lindy: I am so fuckin' done with this shit.


  1. LOL

    Cito Gaston is rollin' in his grave.

  2. Whoa. That was fairly epic. And I'm not one who ever says epic.