21 March 2013

Baseball Card Forensics (II)

First, a few things:

1. I found this today sifting through cards for Check out my Cards. I am willing to trade it to an Orioles fan, but I would expect QUITE the haul. But do send me an email if you are interested.

2. Check out the Getting Blanked Podcast. It's delicious baseball news. This is a bunch of real talented bloggers who started out bitching about Cito Gaston and turned it into a legitimate full-time job. Obviously, all of our little blogger dreams come true.

3. There are some good follows on the Tweetz I want to alert you to. They are as follows:

  • @brentandbecca - He breaks cases of cases of new product, shows 'em off, and has some giveaways. Overall a fun follow.
  • @professorparks - He's a scout, and he's right about prospects a large amount of the time. Often engages with other tweeters and doesn't treat fans with snark and sarcasm like so many others.
  • @samuelpair - Topps Trading Cards is taking a big dump on Astros fans, and Sam, of The Daily Dimwit, is letting them know about it. In these days of mass instant communication, we need everyone we can to stick up to bullies like Topps.
  • @BertDBacks - Steve Berthiume used to be a shill to the ESPN nazi state of Tim Tebow reporting, but recently was awarded with play-by-play duties for your Arizona Diamondbacks, and he's one of the best in the game - and accepts advanced statistics! REJOICE!
Okay. On to some Baseball Card Forensics!

If you're new to the blog, this is kind of how it goes.

So without further Apu, Volume 2 of Baseball Card Forensics: 2013 Topps Opening Day Adeiny Hechavarria!

Hooooookay, so obviously this is photoshopped. Adeiny was traded to the Marlins in The Trade. The Marlins have shown a propensity to tarde for some Cuban players to cater to the large Cubano population in Miami. Then, in the case of Yunel Escobar, just trade them the hell away, in that wonderful Marlin Way.

It's actually a nice card, but Topps made one drastic mistake in this card to give away that this is indeed horrifically photoshopped. Have you seen it yet?


Well, let's zoom in.

Anything yet? I'll spoil it for you: like the original Baseball Card Forensics post, the helmet gives it away. But first, draw your attention away from the helmet.

It looks like a Spring Training shotm which is strage, seeing as Hech's 2013 Topps Flagship is regular season game in The Dome.

I say it's Spring Training for two reasons: virtually no fans in the stands and the photo is very washed-out with very bright sunshine. Adeiny don't care though, he's from Cuba and the brightness doesn't even cause him to squint.

But something looks wrong. Why isn't the helmet washed out?

I don't know how or why they did this, but Topps photoshopped A NIGHT SHOT of a helmet on to midday-Adeiny.


A closer, annotated look shows the damning evidence behind Topps' chicanery. Those, my dear readers, are the reflections of light banks. From a stadium...

...during a night game.

C'mon, Topps.

For those of you pining for the original, here it is: