29 March 2013

New JPAs from COMC (White Whale)

COMC is hosting another wonderful sale. This one, involves free shipping and sales from what seems like most of the sellers on the site. As this is often the best time to buy on COMC, I jumped on some John-Paul Arencibias that had my attention.

First, some gold:
There be gold in 'dem packs.
Gold Rush cards were available via wrapper redemption from some Topps product last year...probably series 1 or 2. I don't know for sure, as I wasn't really back into it until late summer. I won an auction on ebay for the autograph version of this, which although stickered, is still a swell card. These actually give a little bit of a gold look and feel. I like them, but I don't plan on getting any more that don't have Brett Lawrie on them.

Some Black:
Once you go black, you realize you don't have this one in green.
 The black parallels from last year's Gypsy Queen were a step back from 2011, and 2013 also seem to look a bit better. I cannot complain, though, as JP is absent from both '11 and '13 (and will be from mostly all 2013 releases.) So I'll take what I can get.

Gold, black...how about some Blue?:
Left: Awful Spring Training pose
Center: JP disgusted in Dome attendance.
Right: Air JP
What you see above is 2010 Bowman/2011 Bowman/2012 Topps. Blue parallels in Bowman are so much better than those from SprawlMart in Topps releases, but you cannot beat that photograph of JP, placing a tag on a lowly Oriole. The photo on the '10 Bowman RC is probably my second least favorite JP card, while the 2011 Bowman is one of my favorites od all time. I mean that thing is awesome

The Blue Bowman parallels are very underappreciated on the secondary market. I don't think a single one of these cost me more than $.80.

Keeping the theme of 2011 Bowman paralles, I present you this:
Boy, do you think next year you could commit a crime in Orlando, Florida?
Ahh, International parallels. You are my favorite. Too bad America's wang is shown in the background. 2011 was a terrible year for International parallels.

If you came here looking for the White Whale that I mentioned in the title, wait no longer. This card was produced in 2007 (possibly 2008), many years ago, before JP even had a fitting for a Blue Jays jersey:
White Whale Landed.
Oh yes. I like. Amazingly, this card has foil board on the front and back. I just find that awesome. It is also numbered 002/500.

Hope you enjoyed the new adds. More to come.

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  1. "America's wang" made me laugh. Good job, good pickups. Those Gold Rush cards are awesome, I got one off COMC as well a while back.