18 March 2013

Fantasy Baseball Draft 2: Worm Burners

If you read the first one, then you know the drill. Pick, player, thoughts, cardboard. Simple as that.

Except that it isn't.

Only a slight format switch for this one -  as the Worm Burners are part of a 10-team keeper league, in its third or fourth year. Last year I finished the regular season sixth, and rode an underachieving but very hot team into the finals, losing by what could be accounted to a single home run and a .01 bump in ERA. So it goes.

First, I'll start with the 12 Keepers. The first 12 rounds are not in any particular "draft" order. They just, kind of, 'are.'

1. Albert Pujols

The Man: Pujols is a holdover from the innaugural year of this league, in which he was my Round 1 Pick 1 selection. I plan on trading him by the end of the year due to the presense of the guy that comes next.

The Card: I've had great luck with patches from 2011 Topps, aside from the pair of Shin-Soo Choos. This is on ebay right now for BIN/BO, but I would be willing to part with it for the right haul.

2. Joey Votto

The Man: Votto is a pure hitter in all of it's cliche essence. High AVG, HR, RBI, everything. No-brainer as a keeper and he'll serve me well as the first baseman of my future.

The Card: Kind of difficult to find a Votto in which he isn't hitting, and this one beat out his 2011 Platinum base card, in which he's receiving a throw at 1B. Came out of the same box as the above Albert Pujols.

3. Giancarlo Stanton

The Man: Mike Stanton kills baseballs. It's simple. I managed to select him in 2011, I believe, before everyone believed in his keeper league ability. He will throw up some tremendous HR totals and is a reasonably healthy option to man my outfield for years to come. This isn't a position-specific league, so a team full of RFrs is plausible.

The Card: I didn't intend on three 2011 Topps, one of my least favourite sets of all time (it is simply puke), but that's how it seems things have shaken out. At leats there was some variety. I've been looking for someone who may love this card more than I for a trade partner, but no such luck yet.

4. Buster Posey

The Boy: I think I picked Buster up during his rookie season, where he came on like wildfire. I've managed some tremendous waiver moves in this league, as is evidenced by "picks" #6 and #8.

The Card: One of the few decent cards I have managed from 2012 Bowman Chrome, which I simply cannot quit. I routinely get bent over by rack packs of the stuff, and I just cannot say no.

5. Yoenis Cespedes

The Man: Yo is going to be a perennial all-star. Drafted him in the late rounds of last year's draft, and when he gets hot, he can carry your team for a whole week.

The Card: I don't own this one, but I kind of wish I did. Not always a fan of cards this green, but yesterday was St. Patricks Day, so don't worry about it.

6. Brett Lawrie

The Man: Canadian Jesus, Brett Lawrie. Also a waiver steal, and also from 2012 Bowman Chrome. Weird how sets are kind of blocked together in this post, but I am just trying to follow the draft results. Reminder: Rounds 1-12 were auto selected from last year's keepers.

The Card: I was happy to get this out of a blaster of Bowman Chrome, even if the card routinely sells for about $1. Pretty harsh for a one-per-blaster-if-you're-lucky insert. The die cut resurgence in baseball cards is..well, it just is. They're nice and all, but they're all pretty much the same.

7. Ian Desmond

The Man: All-star caliber short stop? Sure. Desmond is a decent hitter with reasonable pop and even manages to steal some bases. I don't pay for speed in fantasy drafts. If you overpay for steals, you will lose in HR, RBI and often AVG and SLG...unless you draft Mike Trout.

The Card: Sorry, more Topps from 2011, just chromed-up and refractorized this time. It's actually a pretty awesome shot, and scanned well. I am pretty sure Chooch Ruiz makes a cameo on this one.

8. Manny Machado

The Man: Ahh, September call-up wire adds at it's finest. I nabbed Brett Lawrie in 2011 and Manny last season. I instantly had trade offers for him, but nothing too sexy, so he'll start the season platooning with Brett Lawrie or occupying one of the two UTIL slots on favourable matchup days.

The Card: I really enjoy the design of 2012 Bowman. The Chrome actually takes away from it a bit. I received a much more awesome Manny Machado from Matt at Cardboard Conundrum today, but that will be in a trade post either later tonight or tomorrow. This one is in my Orioles Blogger Trade pile.

9. Madison Bumgarner

The Man: I said quite a bit about Mad Bum in my first post, so I will spare you more in this post. He's pretty unexciting, but that makes for a great fantasy option for pitchers.

The Card: I love, love, love 1987 Topps. I may love the 1987 minis even more. Please send me some...I only have about 5 or 6 from all series in 2012. This card evokes a warm, summertime baseball feel. Wholesome. I love it.

10. Roy Halladay

The Man: Roy Halladay. Not a whole lot to discuss here. He was rough coming down the stretch last season, to the point where I had him benched. Now, it seems, he has some serious stomach issues. Wish him the best.

The Card: Hard to choose just one. Had a nice Phillies one lined up, but I just cannot post him in red pinstripes here. Too soon.

11. Jordan Zimmerman

The Man: You'll hear "2012 was a breakout year for Zimmerman" a lot this season, which is kind of bullshit. Zimmerman really showed what he could do as soon as he returned from Tommy John surgery. He's a hell of a pitcher, and yes, he will have a better year than Stephen Strasburg. AGAIN.

The Card: He's great, but I have no exciting Jordan Zimmerman cards. I thought about claiming a pair of autographs from Matt P in that trade I mentioned already, but I had already cleaned him out of a few gems already. Maybe next time.

***Orel Hershiser just said the Barves rotation is better than the Nationals. He has lost all credibility to me.

12. Tim Lincecum:

The Man: Tiny Tim is back, and he looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Which makes me think: TV Movie. Well, except for the fact that he's far too successful for made-for-tv movies at this point. Both of them, really.

The Card: Another warming, mid-summer San Francisco Giants card. I loved 2008 Topps Chrome Refractors. This one is no exception, and is one of my favourites. In case you have any laying around, I am trying to rainbow this whole set.

Also, love the facsimile autograph.

Now, on to the actual draft picks and my rationalizations of them.

13, 9: Kyle Seager, 2b/3b

The Man: Kyle is a third baseman, but I drafted him to play second base, as he somehow has that eligibility. Currently trying to work out a trade in which I can bring someone in who can play 2B. I did not keep Allen Craig - as his second base eligibility is not going to carry over to 2013, and I already have 4 1B/3B.

The Card: Apprently I have some Kyle Seager luck. I really like the cards next to each other, but I am sure some of the Seattle Mariners bloggers recently crawling out of the woodwork would be happy with these.

14, 2: Jeff Samardzija, SP

The Man: I know very little of Samardzija, accept that all the Cubbies bloggers seem to love him. The moustache could go and I would not be upset. He'll be the Chubs' Opening Day starter, so that must bode well for a 14th rounder, right?

The Card: Boring old Topps, and one of the few Samardzijas I actaully own. May have sent one or two down to Maryland recently.

15, 9: Sergio Romo, CP

The Man: American Dream(boat) and ruggedly bearded, unsersized athlete. My absolute favourite type of player. He's Marcus Stroman two-three years before anyone will realize who Marcus Stroman is. One of the few clozers who's number one pitch is a slider and not a fastball.

The Card: More 2013 Topps. This card is mine, and is currently on sale on COMC. Someone posted it for super cheap and I thought it might make a nice flip-job.

And if no one buys it, I'll hold on to it and enjoy it thoroughly.

16, 2: Kenley Jansen, CP

The Man: Clozer, who recently joined Team Netherlands in the WBC for what might only be one game against one of the greatest teams ever assembled, the Dominican Republic.

The Card: When I wrote up the Springfield A&M post, my only Jansen was a 2013 Topps. Lucky you, I grabbed this one from a blaster on Saturday evening. This is a 2013 Heritage card that I surprisingly do not hate.

17, 9: Michael Morse, OF

The Man: Seems everyone either believes 2012 (and the end of 2011) was a fluke or that Mike Morse's numbers won't translate to the unfriendly confines of Safeco Field, but to me it's budget power numbers and a solid third outfielder and third-string first baseman.

The Card: More purple refractor sexiness. Alternate unifrom, rugged shadow of a beard, thick eyeblack, this is a sneaky great card.

18, 2: Jarrod Parker, SP

The Man: Parker isn't the most exciting guy out there, but while I was drafting I was watching my twitter feed and a bunch of the analytic-influenced scouts were exuding man love over him non-stop. So his name came up and I selected it. Done and done.

The Card: An extra from 2012 Bowman Platinum, this is up for trade and will go easily. Wouldn't mind help putting the set together. Is anyone else going after it? No want list from me, yet.

19, 9: Andre Ethier, OF

The Man: Any new Andre Ethiers that come into my grubby paws are marked for Nomo's Sushi Platter. Of all of the Dodgers bloggers, he seems to be most-appreciative of ever-consistent Andre Ethier.

The Card: Oh, that warm feeling when a card scans perfectly. Sitting right next to the following card in the scanner, this is pretty much as perfect as a base refractor from 2008 TC can be represented.

20, 2: Torii Hunter, OF

The Man: Yes, more Torii Hunter. Deal with it. He had a sneaky hot season in 2012 and is in just as formidable of a lineup in 2013. I am expecting less HRs, but at this point he is my fourth outfielder.

The Card: Also a 2008 Chrome refractor,  this scanned like a chrome base card. I even checked to make sure it was a refractor, just in case. Indeed it was. Finny how fickle scanners can be.

21, 9: Wei-Yin Chen

The Man: ...and more Wei-Yin Chen. Pretty good rookie season in the AL East, but when thinking of the sophomore slump, Chen is going to be on a short leash for me this season.

The Card: Boring old chrome, but I may have an exciting purple refractor somewhere. Or else I traded it to one of the brazillian Orioles bloggers out there.

22, 2: Lorenzo Cain OF dropper for Andre Cashner, SP

The Man: I originally drafted Lorenzo Cain, KC's weak-hitting CFer. I quickly made this move after the draft to add some K's to the end of my "rotation".

The Card: I'd be much happier if I had this card, but I do not. Taken from COMC, its evident that awesome Cashner cards can be had for rather cheap.

23, 9: Starling Marte, OF

The Man: Marte, again. The end of my drafts are often very similar. Seeing as all leagues have let me grab Marte cheaply near the end, you may be seeing more of him in future posts. But I'll have to find some new cards of him.

The Card: Another 2013 Heritage that I don't hate. I made a stack of them a few weeks back. The Love pile was tiny. The Hate pile was about 30% of the set, and the "meh" pile was at least 40 cards. Zero-thrill set.

24, 2: Sergio Santos, CP

The Man: Might as well hoard clozers. Santos should be good as long as he doesn't get so over excited and throw his arm out in the first week again. Clozers are always good trade bait, too.

The Card: Just a sexy gold sparkle from 2012 Topps...Update? Yeah, I think it's update. JP Cameo!

As always, if you can define where my team name came from, leave a comment, and I'll see if I can get a PWE out your way with something you might like.

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