08 March 2013

CARDS!!!! From S'Crawford

Well, I finally got out of my rut. Despite the bad language and racial, um, acknowledgements, it seems no one had unfollowed the blog, sent me hate mail. or asked me to move to Arizona or Mississippi. And that's cool. You bloggers and blogreaderers are a solid bunch.

With yesterday's post and the heavily accelerated bloodflow from baseball that means something on my TV once again, I feel like I can get back into the swing (hey-o!) of writing again.

So what better way to do so than throw up yet another trade post! Right?!


This one came from Scott Crawford (on cards), who I've never actually seen on cards, so he must be a big fat liar.

Just kidding, Scott.

Anyways, on to some CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!1

2010 Mothership Update, Gold-Flavoured
First, the centerpiece. Yeah, a $.79 card on COMC might not be a centerpiece, but this one has been hard to come by. There are many things I love about this one. The gold border. Ghetto serial numbering, classy RC logo (on a true, what I understand to be XRC), catcher's equipment. What I don't like? JP's douchey sunglasses.

2010 Bowman Firstie
...and JP's Bowman "Rookie Card." This is not a rookie card to me. I like the Dunedin shot, though, and this is a nice, classy first-year card. I have a few incarnations of this one, but my first of the Flagship, coincidentally.

2011 Bowman's Best
Devin Mesoraco? Sure. Why the hell not? I love this Bowman's Best release. I've got quite a few of the heavy hitters in this one and really want to go after the complete set, because, well, it's gorgeous for a flashy release. And I usually don't care for flash. As for Mesoraco, he's a young catcher, so he kind of fits into my Puma Box collections, meh. I am undecided.

1992 Greatest Set of All-Time.
Classic Pudge.
Pudge Squared

1997 Score Awesome

Any trade with a horizontal, catching Carlos Delgado is a good trade. Especially if it's three years after he lost relevance as a catcher.

2009 Upper Deck is Beautiful

Earlier today I commented on a blog that I just don't care for cards with sketches, drawings, cartoons, caricatures, etc. This is a big exception. Geographic relevance on baseball cards would be my biggest turn-on if it had anything to do with a woman's personality traits.

2002 Upper Deck WTF
I don't know what set this came from. HALP.

*Junior Griffey in a Reds uniform is kind of like learning there's no Santa Claus. Of course, I don't ever really remember believing in Santa. By the way, I grew up to be a scientist.


You made it this far. Didn't even know this card was coming. It was the surprise of the package and now is one of my favourite Junior Griffeys, EVAR:

1990 Topps Rookie Cup

It's soooo blue. Blue Eye of Springfield borders, blue uniform pacthes, blue hat, blue batting gloves, blue foam (or cement) on the dugout. I don't even like blue so much, but damn.

This card is unspeakable beautiful. Listen to me. I'm just rambling. I really need to look into more Junior Griffeys from these day.

Oh, and, you know. Topps Rookie Cup. An actually deserving one. No  big deal.

Huge thanks for these, Scott.

Isn't trading great?

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  1. Wow... I must find a copy of that 2009 Upper Deck Griffey. That card is awesome!