06 March 2013

Six Days into March

We're six days into March, already. I haven't posted since "late" February, and while I intended to break that streak with some trades and some Heritage, that'll all have to wait.

Y'see Blogger is a fussin' with itself tonight and I'm not going to have it. No photos? Not worth a post. But I can at least give you an idea of what may be coming soon, if I am ever able to upload an image ever again.

1. I bought some 2013 Heritage. The good news is, it seems as though Heritage and I may be along this year. We won't however, be going steady. No set collection for this guy, but some Blue Jays and Santana rainbows are a true possibility.

2. Tradez! I have received a ton of cards in the past few days. Some sushi-flavored, some in heroic 2x3 form, and some from someone else's very own card shop.

3. I have sent mail recently to Maryland (x2), New Jersey, Indiana, Arizona and gawd who the hell knows where else.

4. World Baseball Classic have been excellent so far. Of course, I have to miss USA's game Saturday night for a get-together with the girlfriend's work friends. Kill me.

5. Some notable ebay wins, including and iconic JP Arencibia rookie and some wonderfully purple cards.

6. More Heritage. I need something to fill the time until Gypsy Queen.

7. Seven is Jose Reyes' number. Watching him every day is expediting him to the top of my favorite players and guys to collect list.

8. Probably my biggest COMC order ever. Of course, I never posted all of my last one.

...and probably some other things. I'm not dead yet.


  1. Picture things seems to be operating again. It was very sluggish there for awhile.

  2. Luckily team USA is playing Italy Saturday night (Which I will probably also miss) and I would expect USA to win that game. I'm really looking forward to Sunday's game against Canada.