13 November 2012

The King of my John-Paul Arencibia Collection

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Behold the treasure my mailbox held today. This is JP's piece in the 2012 Topps Tier 1 On the Rise Autographs (Silver Ink) set. What...a...beauty. Everything on this card works. The new incredible Jays uniform (albeit photoshopped, but at least done well). The silver ink on the black background. A card design that begs to be inked. Tasteful foiling. Oh yeah, and it's limited to 10. 

Even the back is beautiful:
Once again, click to embiggen.

I'm not much for card backs, but this one is nice. Simple. Two-colour. Centered. Unlike most autographs, there is text that actually related to the card, and not a congratulation for throwing all f your hard-earned money into the dark basement hallway that is Topps Trading Cards. Just a simple bit about having a Topps witness for all signings. I like that.

All for $13.36 delivered.


  1. love the silver on black, and what a steal of a deal! congrats!

  2. Yeah. I love it. But with this trade I am sensing another in which JPA is no longer a Jay.