20 November 2012

Do you like these cards?

Pretty nice Henrik Lundqvist patch/stick
combination, amiright?

How about this:

Some very acceptable inkage from 
future star PK Subban, eh?

Maybe the Maple Leafs are more your style?
Maybe, if your style is pain and agony and emotional suffering?

Let's hope its not physical suffering from the hands of:

...Buffalo Sabre token face-puncher Andrew Peters?

Whatever your style, you may enjoy any one or all of these wonderful piece of cardboard from 10-11 Panini Luxury Suite, 11-12 Panini Rookie Anthology or 11-12 In the Game Enforcers.

Coincidentally, these sets just happen to be what MattP over at Cardboard Conundrum is opening up - and he's sharing the goods. For as low as $16 you can grab a spot - your favourite team and another random - from this supersweet group break.

So, do you like those card? Because they're all from unclaimed teams in the group break.

And damn, that PK Subban is sweet. Maybe I should have grabbed the Habs...

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