30 November 2012

One of only one.

As you may have seen, I recently completed a rather awesome trade with the cardblogosphere's one and only Dutchman, Jeroen. It was a truly unique trade, and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Even though English is his second language, it seemed like Jeroen enjoyed my contribution to the swap as well.

Plus, I unloaded about fifty filthy stinking snotball Yankees cluttering up my desk. And garbage cans, toilet bowl, pet pug's mouth and miscellaneous cracks and crevices around the house where I could hide them from my own view. 

Needless to say, I had been looking for a Yankee-loving trade partner for a while, and finding one on another continent was quite possibly the best-case scenario. It's about as far away from me as those Yankees cards can get. Unless there is a Yankee collector on the Moon. If you're reading this, Moon-jerk, I have a stack of Scott Brosiuses with the eyes gouged out to send you.

As you can see, I like to write bitterly on the Yengwes. But that's not the point of this post. No, the point of this post, is Blue Jays cards!

Cue the mass exodus of readers.

I am always looking for new J-PAs, and Jeroen supplied four of them, a great contribution. I like to purchase inserts and parallels from ebay and COMC, and rely on base cards to come in trade. Here's a 2011 Bowman...

And then a 2012 Bowman.

And a 2011 Finest. And it was a bitch to scan. These bow horribly, and I almost had to put this under a book to scan it. No worries, though. It's been top loaded and is hopefully "straightening out" in the Puma box.

Oh look, another member of of the Blue Jays laughably deep catching depth. I am assuming AJ Jimenez will be traded by the deadline this season if J-PA or Buck are not. Oh and then there's a Jose Bautista from Bowman Platinum. No big deal.

Adoni(y)s! Notice anything interesting about these? There will be a post on these two by themselves soon enough.

Although I am mentioning it almost last, the Allen & Ginter's were a major factor in the trade. I sent some to him - mostly minis and inserts, and I received some base cards. These were my favorites, the always-awesome George Brett (for mature audiences only). Also included is the Jays new shortstop, Jose Reyes.

This was one of my favourites of the trade.  A Vernon Wells Black Refractor. I love black refractors. Normally that would be a sufficient for the super-annoying What's in a Name inserts I sent to Holland, but then there was the real centerpiece. A John-Paul Arencibia printing plate from 2012 Topps Mini.

So very cool. Yet somehow, Topps manages to take the soul out of it. I don't really consider these "cards." They're a very cool keepsake, more of a memorabilia piece than a trading card. I could probably write a post on them, too. And maybe I will.

But if I don't, you can still find some smashing reading material over at The Dutch Card Guy's Blog.

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  1. Always happy to take some stinking Yankees of your hands ! Thanks Roy for a cool trade and glad you like the cards !