17 November 2012

Some Delicacies from Nomo's Sushi Platter

How's that for a trade-post pun? I had to reach back for that one.

Anyways, Michael from Nomo's Sushi Platter approached me a while back about a quick little trade. No major hits thrown around - it kind of felt like one of those "Get to know each other" trades. And guess what? I am totally cool with that, as Michael, a.k.a.: Spiegel tossed some quite excellent cardboad from the left coast.

Here's the loot:

Here is the centerpiece of my side of the trade, a 2012 Topps Update Black Border of Ross Detwiler. While I don't adamantly ask for Detwilers in trade (yet), him winning me a fantasy baseball championship this year doesn't hurt. Plus I love the black border parallels. This is my first from '12. I have a J-PA from '11 and a Dusty Lambchops from '10 (I think).

Blue Jays refractors are always welcome. ALWAYS. Joey is currently the second hardest Jays player to get in trade or on ebay and COMC - the first is Canadian Wonderboy Brett Lawrie.

Chromed-up J-PA. Very nice. I haven't started this rainbow yet, aside from the Red Ice Refractor (#/25), which I had to jump on right away. It should be a nice one once it is complete, though.

A pair of foil-y Pudges from (I think) 1996 Upper Deck. I miss Upper Deck and their 700-card sets with 100 subsets. I prefer that to collecting 12 off-coloured parallels of every player. 
Ha. Excellent. This must have been an advertising piece from those god-awful slip sleeves that everyone used in the late 90's. It's still very cool to see The Kid holding his own rookie card with that shit-eating grin, though.

A Collector's Choice Griffey from 1994. I liked this subset - I owned the Ripken, Jr. for a while but it seems to have been misplaced. The thing that bothers me, though, is that the subset is Home Field Advantage...yet it features George Kenneth in the teal away uniform, not in the King Dome whites.

Thanks for the trade, Spiegel. You'll have your end soon enough. 

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  1. Great trade, dude! I look forward to our next trade.