26 November 2012

COMC Black Friday Dealz

I may be jumping the gun on this post a bit, but I don't care.

Recently at comc.com, the great gang there was running a special for Black Friday, the newest American holiday.

Aside from their seller incentives, which with myself not being a seller, I don't know the specific, buyers were being rewarded handsomely. COMC was offering free shipping on orders of 10 or more cards shipped on Friday, as well as a $.10 store credit gift for every one of those qualifying cards. I grabbed 18 in a few hours drinking coffee with my Dad that morning, and here's some of the highlights:

I suppose it wouldn't be a Black Friday without a BLACK refractor autograph, would it? I have struggled to find this piece of the Magical J-PA Rainbow Crusade for under $30 without shipping, and the seller graciously gave this one up for a meager $7.75 - the most I have ever spent on one card off COMC, and I'd do it again.
I picked up a Drew Hutchison autograph from the world-ending Bowman Chrome release. Probably the start of another rainbow.

I like anything with a Montreal Expos logo on it.

A Nue Jay that can match his siblings, a J-PA bat and plain gray swatch of jersey. Emilio, or "Boni" as John Buck referred to him as recently in an interview, is supposedly one of the best teammates anyone could ask for. Maybe he can work his magic on Cletus B. Centrefielder this season...

I love mini relic cards. My only other relic of Ricky prior to this beauty was from an Upper Deck Team USA set, decked out in stars and stripes and holofoil. This, however, is just as American.

Any relic featuring catcher's equipment is a must-have, and this John Buck from his backstopping days in Houston is no exception. There are four versions on this one, I believe, with the near-impossible-to-obtain five-piece, featuring shin guard is the top tier. This is also the inspiration to a new banner for this blog that I hope to roll out soon enough. #80want

I also decided to work towards my World Baseball Classic relic collection. While this Nick Weglarz of TEAM CANADA (shameless attempt at Canuck page hits) isn't my first, this was the first real movement on this goal since 2010 or so.

I also knocked of South Africa (in refractory-fashion)...

And Mexico. These were rushed into my Black Friday shipment, and with more sellers capitalizing on the the weekend deals, by Sunday night I had also checked off Cuba (Yulieski Gourriel) and South Korea (Po-Hsuan Keng) to go with the Venezuela (Magglio Ordonez) I already had.


  1. I think I have Greg Halman from that WBC set. Email me if you need him.


    1. That's awesome, actually. I have been waiting to find a Halman, as he's also one of my player collections - so he is definitely the one I wanted from Holland.

    2. Really a shame his career ( and life of course) was so short, i was looking forward seeing a dutch guy having some momentum in the MLB...

  2. the black JPA is a very nice pickup!!