13 November 2012

So....there's that.

There are new Blue Jays. And shit, dude, they're pretty good.

Toronto gave up quite a bit, but they are an incredibly improved team from last year.

Honestly, I don't remember the last time the Jays had a legitimate leadoff hitter. Now we have, you know, Jose Reyes. He's pretty alright.

And an Ace. Honestly, I believe Brandon Morrow will have a better year than Josh Johnson. He's that good. But a 1-2-3-4 of Johnson/Romero/Morrow/Buerhle is...I am at a loss for words. They're not the best team in the MLB, nor the best rotation, but damn. They're going to be good. I hope.

Now all we need is Sandy Alomar coaching the team.

Unfortunately, there are now three MLB-caliber catchers on the roster. JP Arencibia, John  Buck and Travis D'arnaud. JP is my favourite player on the planet. But it looks like he is going to be traded. And I will be sad. But I will maintain my JPA collection, I promise.

But in all seriousness...



  1. Congrats on your team being the beneficiary of the latest fire sale, but MLB needs to do something about the Marlins.

  2. I couldn't agree more. The Jays (read: Canada's cell-phone and cable consumers) can afford it. Loria and his cronies should have to pay Miami & Dade County back for the stadium.

  3. I heard it here first! My wife has been handling the remote tonight, so I had to check ESPN after seeing this post.

    The Padres were beneficiaries of the Marlins fire sale that netted them Kevin Brown, and they rode him all the way to the World Series. As long as the Jays can afford it, go for it. They all seem like quality (albeit probably overpaid) guys. Loved Buehrle when he was on the Sox. The dude is a workhorse and eats innings like crazy.

    Bummer about J.P. though.

  4. I couldn't sleep last night I was so excited.

    Pretty unreal feeling today. The sun is shining & damn...the team's front office & ownership really stepped up.

    Good times!