18 December 2017

my favorite card of 2017

This is in response to Tom's contest over at Waiting 'til Next Year.

My answer to this question almost every year (for baseball, at least) comes from Topps Stadium Club. There would be no exception this year.

2017 Topps Stadium Club #135
Jameson Taillon

I have family in Pittsburgh, and our visits there often revolve around either the Pirates or the Steelers. I have minimal interest in the latter, but have always liked the Pirates a bit and PNC Park is simply the most beautiful place in the world where baseball is played. Enjoy. 


  1. Just for my own personal taste, that's a very nice picture of the ballpark, but having the player be so small and only seen from the back just doesn't work for me as a baseball card.

  2. I've been to 26 different MLB parks and PNC is at the top of the list. Beautiful ballpark and a beautiful card!

  3. Great card. The designers of PNC did a great job of incorporating the city scape into the background. That truly is a beautiful sight. Sure hope I get to one day visit the park.