25 July 2013

Seven of #9

Look, it's been a tough year for JP Arencibia. The Blue Jays are awful. The season has boiled over to spew out some incredibly ugly baseball, and it seems like my man JPA is always in the middle of it.

And he should be. He's the homegrown catcher, most important player on the field, and he has played just slightly above replacement for 2013, and also, the previous season of his career. He has a poor batting average and OBP, but so do most catchers - we've been spoiled the past few years with Yadier Molina, Buster Posey, Wilin Rosario, Salvador Perez and my new favourite - Carlos Santana. Aside from dingers - many likely aided by the shitshack that is Rogers Centre - JPA can't hold a candle to these new hotshots.

And I'm fine with that. I love JP. He's a team player, he the backstop of my favourite team, he tries like hell, he is a charitable, wonderful bloke, but in the end - he's just not the catcher everyone in Toronto wants or believes he could be. And again, I'm fine with that.

Starting last year around this time, I started a JPA-centric personal collection, with one major goal in mind: beat this deal

If you don't want to read that, fine. I'd be surprised if you made it this far. The jist: All seven of JP Arencibia's (attainable) 2011 Topps Chrome Autographs for under $215. That is:

Base Chrome
Refractor /499
Blue Refractor /199
Black Refractor /100
Sepia Refractor /99
Gold Refractor /50
Red Refractor /25

Well, here's six of them:

Click to embiggen.

And here's something that came in the mail last weekend:

Click to embiggen.
Challenge: Completed.

I did it in less than a year. Actually, more like 10 months.

And for half the cost of the original auction, spending about $98 on the entire project.

Final Results:
2011 Topps Chrome J.P. Arencibia Autograph Rookie 
# Variation Available $
182 Base NNO 4.99
182 Refractor of 499 4.74
182 Blue Refractor of 199 9.32
182 Black Refractor of 100 7.75
182 Sepia Refractor of 99 15
182 Gold Refractor of 50 8
182 Red Refractor of 25 48



  1. I thinks it's funny that the refractor cost less than the regular.

  2. congrats dude! that's a sweet rainbow.