14 July 2013

Going Dutch

As I remarked almost a week ago, posting will be a bit sparse here lately. As will trades and such, but I will still be around. Especially when material for a decent post begins to pile up, and it becomes too oppressively hot to do anything but bang away at my Samsung keyboard.

Before I get too far into this one, I'd like to express my congratulations to Timmy Lincecum on last nights baller effort versus the Padres. But seriously, you San Francisco Giants fans are spoiled. No hitters, World Series titles, ideal baseball weather and a breathtakingly beautiful ballyard...why don't you share some with the rest of us?


In my last post I mentioned the completion of a few uninspired trades of late in which I received piles and piles of clearinghouse-style Blue Jays cards from the 90s and 00s. It led to this comment from blogger favorite Jeroen of Dutch Card Guy fame:

Go for the dutch guy Schoop !! By the way, i respectfully send you a small junk wax package last week :-)) hope you like it :-))

Now some may have been deterred by that comment, but I knew the package on its way across the Atlantic Ocean would be a pleasant surprise, not an envelope full of junk wax and ricin. We've exchanged cardboard a few times, and every time it works out well for both sides.

And no, it certainly was not junk wax.

To me, Griffey Jr is beyond junk wax. Especially when he is battling aliens weightlessly in the dark space between seemingly molten planets of metal.

The same with these blokes. There's some heavy hitters in there, including the best DH of all time (THERE, I SAID IT), a first baseman with a helmet and pretty boy Alex S. Gonzalez. These cards are very awesome in-person, so I think in this case the non-scanned images work to my advantage.

This one is a bit of a confession. I really enjoy cards of current Blue Jays in Blue Jays uniforms. It's a simple thing, really. The Rajai is a duplicate, but will fit nicely into my small Raj collection as the first of this one is in my 2013 Topps Rainbow binder. Sergio Santos cards are always welcome. 

But it hasn't been all trades lately, as I have pretty much abandoned ripping packs for buying singles. Fitting into a small player collection of up-and-coming Diamondbacks backstop Stryker Trahan is this beautiful slab:

These are very nice, but do not warrant the price tag associated with them. I picked this up for less than $5 I believe - which is an incredibly diminished resale value for this set. I will say, though, that parallels and memorabilia cards from this set are selling for nauseating amounts. 

But let's keep with the Dutch theme.

As you may know, I am a huge proponent of International baseball competition, with nothing falling as dear to me as the World Baseball Classic. And while I generally despise Topps Tribute, holy sweet molasses they blew all other high end sets away with the treasures of 2013 Tribute World Baseball Classic.

Wow. I mean, that is majestic. At least 75% of the patches in WBC Tribute are 2-3 colors, with the solid patches actually in the rare and selling for low dollar amounts.

But it gets better:

This is actually a green, and least necessary, colored parallel from the patch inserts. And it's Jonathan Schoop, who I really, really like. And seriously, look at that patch. Breathtaking. 

Thanks for the cards, Jeroen. Some aces headed your way....eventually.

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  1. good to see they arrived safely !! Nice WBC cards by the way, I should chase some of these ones from the Dutch team !