24 May 2013

Starting 10: May 24, 2013 (Mega Arencibia Puma Box Addition)

After no posts for about a week (possibly more), I'm putting two out in one day. I didn't plan for this, but the Munenori Kawasaki subject was too fresh in my mind this morning, and this post is time-sensitive. 

Plus, tonight is kind of a big deal in terms of the Blue Jays and my own personal collection of baseball cards.

Following this tweet from Blue Jays reported Mike Wilner, we have our lineup for tonight:

Let it sink in. Pretty typical Jays 2013 lineup, eh? Wait a second...Sean Nolin? 2010 Draft Pick Sean Nolin?

Well hot damn. One night after highly-acclaimed Orioles prospect Kevin Gausman makes his major-league debut in the SkyDome, one of the Blue Jay's prospects will be doing the same. 

And, since this is a Starting 10 post, we'll start with the Man of the Night, Sean Nolin himself:

Due to a typo or general carelessness of the ebay seller, I was able to add this Sean Nolan rookie auto from 2012 Bowman Sterling on thecheap. Which is awesome, as it was rumoured that his autographs were short-printed, for the all too often reason from Topps: absolutely none. 

I am super excited to see him throw tonight - although with Josh Johnson coming back soon, I expect him to go back down to AA New Hampshire (AAA Buffalo is rather crowded right now) soon enough.

Now, on to the guys with bats in their hands, and if they'll actually use them:

1. LF | Melky Cabrera

The Pug's expression sums up how I feel about Melky so far this season. Also, the card isn't that great so the ultra-zoomed-out photo shouldn't bother you so much.

2. RF | Jose Bautista

Jose is back to his old ways of destroying baseballs. I enjoy those old ways. Two nights ago he provided the entire offense of the Jays, batting in all four runs. Last night I think he homered, too, but I forget. Edwin's was the one that mattered.

Many baseball analysts are on to the idea that you should bat your best guy in the #2 hole, now, and with Jose Reyes rehabbing (shifting Melky to leadoff) Gibby is putting the idea to a lineup card, and so far, I dig it. Don't underestimate the importance of a lineup that can "click", if you will. 

Also, awesome Joey Bats card right there.

3. 1B | Edwin Encarnacion

Damn, Edwin has been fun to watch this season. While he always had some good hype to him, no one really expected him to be this good after the Scott Rolen trade. 

Story: Last night I felt like I smelled terrible after visiting a local Chinese food restaurant (which was damn good, by the way) so I decided to shower. I wanted to watch the Blue Jays, though, so I decided to use what I saw on The League a few years back - and I slid my phone into a ZipLock bag and took it into the shower. But the time I loaded it up, two were on base, Jose Bautista was walked by Pedro Strop (who I also like) and Edwin came up.

And then he hit a grand slam. Yeah, you can say it was a pretty damn good idea.

By the way, he was watching porn on The League, not baseball (related: my hit count just went up. Porn!)

4. DH | Adam Lind

Here's a blue refractor from 2012 Bowman Chrome of Adam Lind. I always liked Lind, but I hated to watch him versus lefties the last few years. In 2013 he seems to be slightly better, and hitting better overall.

Part of me is hoping for a late-season acquisition of a high-OBP first baseman/DH. We've been wishing for 2004 Adam Lind for far too long. Putting him in the four-hole is risky, especially with zero production coming from Munenori Kawasaki, Colby Rasmus, Brett Lawrie and spotty JPA power.

5. C | JP Arencibia

I will have to come back to JPA. Five is too early to give away my newest #9er.

6. 3B | Brett Lawrie

Brett, I am seriously starting to doubt your commitment to SparkleMotion.

Topps joke aside, I like this card. As my Brett collection grows, his offensive numbers shrink. 

Its sad, but it happens. On a related note, I made myself pick from about 10 cards to select this one - which I have doubles of, surprisingly enough.

I am willing to trade one, if one was so interested. 

Even with his slumps, he's still out there playing awesome defense, high-fiving a Morrow-jilted Mark DeRosa and was the first to swarm the field on Joey's walk-off two nights ago.

7. CF | Colby Rasmus

For what its worth, the Pug and I feel the same about Colby Rasmus as we did about Melky. Only Colby plays a totally baller center field. 

8. 2B | Emilio Bonifacio

So, while I struggle with my Bonifacio collection and my lack of a scanner, I decided to photograph this Emilio Bonifacio 2011 Platinum Bat-Auto nuzzled into an ammonite fossil from Texas.

That is all.

9. SS | Munenori Kawasaki

Dammit, I still don't have any Munenori Kawasaki cards. Make it happen, Topps. But we cannot go without at least one photo:


Oh right, back to JP Arencibia.

Ohhhh yeah. The second JP Arencibia card of 2013 is.....this mondo relic from Topps Museum Collection.

I love this card, but to hell with this set, man. One and done for me.

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