19 May 2013

"Look at me, Rex Banner - I have a new hat!"

So, a lot of cool kids would start this post out with embedding a video of Maclemore's "Thrift Shop."

However, I am not a cool kid, at all. I'm a 26-year-old washed up athlete/environmentalist trapped in the body of a hobbling, bitter suburbanite. I'm out of touch, but I find my world much more interesting than those of the black-high-sox and neon green Miami Heat fiddy-9 fiddies you'll find on the sleakest of young gentleman (read: douchebags).

Mini-rant aside, I recently was conned into a mall/AC Moore/Rescue Mission trip in order to end up at the local Farmer's Market-Tree Nursery-Greenhouse.

The mall was uneventful - the girl had to get some electronic scent blowing candle things while I wandered - already under the influence of an irritating headache, the chemically enhanced atmosphere of Bath and Body Works was the last place I wanted to be. Thus, her purchases were made, and we traveled more or less across the street to an AC Moore, where she bought...something...and I walked away with some discounted felt pens for my field notebook at the Ol' Quarry.

Then, on the way to the Rescue Mission. We dropped off a couple bags of clothes - as we always try to donate before buying clothes from the same place at mercifully low prices.

Now, this particular RM has been a honey hole for me and my thrifting pleasures. Among my excellent finds include: Majestic New York Mets pullover hoodie, Ken Griffey Jr #3 Reds shersey, Texas baseball t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt, multiple Toronto Blue Jays hats (their AAA franchise used to be here, nwo it is The Nationals) and last but not least - a Mitchell & Ness Chicago Cubs 1909 hoodie - which at the time, cost a cool $85 from MLB.com.

Anyways, I quickly made my way to the men's shirts, and almost immediately, was awarded with this:

 A bright orange, in my size, Boise State Broncos tee. An excellent start to my adventure. With this having an orange tag, the total, at 50% off, came to $2.

Feeling fat and sassy after that find, I ventured to the next rack to find this:

Iowa baseball! In yellow! My job often requires me to be on roadsides doing surveys or working at construction sites, so all of the birghtly colored tees I can find fit well into my connection. I've been coming up empty on yellow lately, and this was a hugely welcome addition, for the deep-pockets for a marked price of $5 - which later scanned as $3. Good deal, as this one was practically brand new.

I always make my way to hats here, as well. There's a Little League which uses MLB and MiLB logos for heir teams - and although I found a very cool Louisville Bats/Local Car Dealership one, it was incredibly dirty, so I had to leave it. I did, however, find this:

I had no idea what this one was until I turned it over to see CAL STATE FULLERTON scrolled across the velcro strap. Cal State has a pretty sweet angry Stampy logo, which somehow represents a mascot of the Titans. Cal State is the alma-mater of some decent big leaguers, including mainstay of this blog - Ricky Romero, who is hardly even a AAA pitcher at this point ($2).


Along a more successful favorite team of this blog, I bring you to one of my more awesome finds so far. Feast your peepers on:

Hooooo man, that is sweet. I want to camp in this hat, blaring some CCR from my Trans Am stereo and blast a few silver bullets. I look like a total jerkass wearing it around, but I just don't care.

Awesome is awesome, and you cannot beat $2 awesome.


  1. Rex Banner: You're out there somewhere, Beer Baron. And I'll find you.

    Homer: Noooooo you woooooon't!

    Rex: Yes, I will.

    Homer: D'oh!

    Love the reference, Roy!

    1. Haha, so glad someone got it right away.

  2. Lol I used to have a Ken Griffey Jr "shersey" congrats on all your new found riches my man. Love the blog btw Check mine out http://truschoolsports.blogspot.com/ mfeel free to join the site if you like what you see.

  3. love the old school Redskins hat…a classic…but you need to rip your sleeves off before rockin the hat in order to get the full effect.

  4. Props on the CSUF hat! Went there for a year and loved it. Apparently the school had an elephant race a long time ago, and that's why they have a pachyderm for a mascot. Their baseball team is pretty good, traditionally, though I'm not sure about this year.