25 June 2013



That's what was going through my mind after opening two blasters of Series 2 this weekend.

Not a damn thing.

Sure, JP Arencibia got some zoomed in love.
The most polarizing of your 2013 Blue Jays.

There were some rookies, and of course, some underloved Blue Jays that never play.
Topps really overdid it on the new Blue Jays BP cap.
Seemed like every Jay in S2 has one on.

But what else was there?

Some parallels.
Well, these two stood out over their barely-replacement-level red counterparts.
Well, it's moderately enjoyable. Anytime where JHey isn't succeeding, I enjoy.

Occasionally quality photographs.
These certainly don't suck, but Topps felt they had to photoshop a Phils uni on Revere, anyway.

More minis, though I love these two second baseman:

Of course, more retired guys on retread inserts:
These guys will have homes.
These will go to their highest bidders. Blow me away.

And two new inserts about as inspiring as an eighth-grade farm boys book report on The Tale of Two Cities:
Some exceptional player selection, I must say, but every damn one looks the same.
The only card out of 160 that made me smile. But how could you not??

And so I felt nothing.

Which is really how things have been going in the card blogosphere lately. Series 2 is a dud. I'll chase my Blue Jays rainbows, but that's it. I might not even attempt to complete it. Even if I do, I'll have to solicit all of you to donate your doubles, because I sure as hell am not buying anymore of this.

Perhaps I was rolling a bit too high after the luck I had with Series 1 (which netted me two Camo parallels and some great blue/red parallels.)

Or perhaps, with a quality, though not-extraordinary effort from Bowman, along with a catshit reiteration of Gypsy Queen, I thought Topps would step it up with a quality product for Series 2. False.


  1. I shall take a stab at blowing you away for that Kaline.

  2. I haven't opened any yet. Shame on me.

  3. What the heck? They made more of those manufactured patch reprint cards? I still haven't finished the 1st series rookie cards. I need to get on it quick.